Tuesday, December 31, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 61)

131231 - Day 61

just few hours left before 2013 officially comes to an end. there's a lot of things happened. happy, sad, exciting moments, there's lots of it. now, in just a few hours, a new year will begin. i hope that 2014 will become a year that will make me realize what i really need to do with my life. i am looking forward to all the challenges that will come my way. thinking about YS who will still be doing his duties to his country and probably will never be active in most of the year makes me sad. but that's life. there are things he needs to do and there are also things i need to do for myself. i will probably still think of him everyday but i hope that i'll get through all the days while he's gone. otter, i will never forget u, trust me. let's meet again once u return.

now here's our very cute otter prince wishing everybody a 
Happy New Year!!!


Monday, December 30, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 60)

131230 - Day 60

now let me continue with my song review. still with the very first album of YS, Let It Go (EP) released last May 12, 2011.

3rd Track - Rainy Heart feat Kim Kyu Jong

Heo Young Saeng - Rainy Heart MV

now this i can say is a really really nice song. YS took a different approach in how he'll make his voice sound and was able to do it awesomely. one thing i love about YS is that he can make his voice change in every song that he sing depending on how he thinks he need it to sound. he's really a pro when it comes to it that's why whatever genre of song he sings, it always turns out great. this is also special because his bandmate/favorite dongsaeng kyujongie participated in it. ㅋㅋ

Heo Young Saeng - Rainy Heart PV Full Ver (First Solo Story)

first time he sang the song live in a radio show

first time he sang the song live in a TV show


Sunday, December 29, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 59)

131229 - Day 59

loads of new pics of YS were shared online today. i know i've been saying this over and over again but im really really happy seeing so many pics of him. i still wonder though what are those musical like perfs and if he's going to participate in it in the future. i do hope he will. it would be nice to see him do what he loves to do while doing his military service.
 so handsome!!!
 what are u staring at?
 that friend of him looks so funny hehe
will i see u as one of the character in this musical soon?


Saturday, December 28, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 58)

131228 - Day 58

last night, saengieluv shared the VCR from youngsaeng's 0513 My Story concert with the korean version of 'Always You and I' as the background song with english translation. while reading the lyrics, i can't help but have teary eyes because the lyrics of the song really suits what's been happening to SS501 and Triple S right now and hearing youngsaeng's voice with full of emotion made my feeling even worse. somehow, i can feel what they've went through and that the road is really not easy for all of them and the decision they made of going solo has it's ups and down but still reassuring all of us that they will always be together and that they will be beside us forever. 

as what the lyrics of the song says, "although we may not know it now, let's believe steadfastly. if we treasure it (our love for SS501), happiness will definitely spread in front of our eyes" and i think this has already happened during this concert, when all five of them stood before the fans as five forever as one ^^

 Always You And I (korean version)
eng trans by @drunken_luv

holding hands naturally
unconsciously loosening my grip and left...
regardless of whose choice it was..
regardless of whose mistake it was..
it wasn't that way, the direction of the heart

aren't we looking at the same skies
didn't we travel the same path
don't cry by yourself, raise your hands out to me
let me wipe away your tears

the road will become lonely
do not be worried, it is not everything
that road is filled with what you have given
a lot of love, because we are together

once said hello while starting everything
will pull you along towards the dazzling dreams
our memories, your future.. i will protect
remember.. i will always be beside you

although you may not know it now
believe steadfastly
if you treasure it, happiness will definitely
spread in front of your eyes
will reveal a slight smile

you and i, when we meet up alone
that small, nameless star
do you still remember?
that dazzling and shining light
our story will continue on

once said hello lighting up for each other
the blurry small flicker
to me, are words that can become dreams
melancholic words, even the meaning can be changed
then i... i will always be beside you

your pale hands, when holding on to mine
at that time already knew
that we will be together forever
once said hello while starting everything
will pull you along towards the dazzling dreams
our memories, your future.. i will protect
remember.. i will always be beside you

i will always be beside you~


Friday, December 27, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 57)

131227 - Day 57

because there's not that much going on again so i'll just continue talking about young saeng's songs which i started in this post. im still with the very first solo album of YS, Let It Go (EP) released last May 12, 2011.

2nd Track - Let It Go feat HyunA of 4Minute 

this song is the title track of this album. same with Out The Club, i didn't like it that much when i first heard it. but upon listening to it over and over again while streaming in soribada, i became addicted to it. i remember i was able to memorize the lyrics right away. but the rap part is really difficult! haha!! when i heard that 4Minute's HyunA did the rap part, i was so surprised because i didn't expect her to be working with YS. but the song turned out well.

the very first live perf of this song was also in Music Bank last 0513. when YS finished performing, i felt really proud because he performed it so well and did the high note perfectly!! i was so so soo proud of him!! one thing i don't like though is that he looks really thin. and i feel sad because it was just days after he injured his hand. poor prince T.T

same with Out The Club, the very first perf in Inkigayo is my most favorite. i love everything about this perf. he seems more relax compared to his very first perf in music bank and the fanchant is just totally daebak!! i can watch this perf over and over again and will never get tired of it. his goodbye stage in Inkigayo is one of my faves too. i don't know why but i seem to really like his Inkigayo perfs.ㅋㅋ


Thursday, December 26, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 56)

131226 - Day 56

just a day after Christmas, my gift from YS arrived!!! finally!! i was so happy when my father gave me a box coz i already knew what's inside. ㅋㅋ i was waiting for this since days ago but finally, it's here!! i so so sooo love it! i was thinking if i will use it or just keep it so it won't break or something~haha! really thankful to B2M for giving fans of YS something like this. i hope there's more in the future. LOL! :p


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 55)

131225 - Day 55

today is Christmas day!! on days like this, it's nice to hear from our dear prince. can't help but wonder how he's spending this day. is he with his family? or with his new friends from the police dept? i just wish that he's not alone. this day will end again with not that much special thing happened. 

anyway, saw some Y.E.S from Japan shared a pic of a Christmas card from YS! i really envy them. they always get special stuff like this. YS is so sweet~~i wish i have one like this too~~ but even my Y.E.S goods haven't arrive yet >.< 

i hope everyone had a happy Christmas! will be spending one more Christmas without YS next year but let's just hope that we'll get to see a lot of updates on him from time to time. again, Merry Merry Christmas!! ^^


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 54)

131224 - Day 54

today, B2M shared the last VCR from young saeng's 0513 My Story concert. this time, it's the collection of memorable pics of YS with the unreleased korean version of his japanese song, 'Always You and I' as the background song. i feel really thankful to B2M for sharing all these VCRs to fans and they did it in a way that fans can get to see updates on YS weekly and that for me is a really cool thing. it's been 55 days already since YS started his military service and im really thankful that in those days, we got to see lots of vids and pics of him. i am not sure if B2M will also share some performances vids but even if they don't i feel really thankful already. few more hours before Christmas, i wonder if he was able to take a break and spend this day with his family. wherever he is, i hope he's doing well. ^^

added in this post are pics of our handsome police officer ^^

so proud of you, my prince
very handsome!! 
police over flowers~ LOL!


Monday, December 23, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 53)

131223 - Day 53

another vid of YS singing in a police event (not sure what exactly) was shared online. and this time, we can see and hear him sing Because I'm Stupid. seeing him like this made me so proud. i heard before that he was assigned in the publicity dept or something like that. i have no idea what that means, but the YT channel that uploaded this vid usually uploads perfs from some police officers and some of it are even like a musical perf. i don't know if what they do is go to places and promote some awareness to public and do some kind of program like this. i even saw a vid of some policemen singing and dancing to shinee's and girls generation's song! haha! i was laughing while watching coz i was thinking, "what if YS was one of them?" LOL!! if that really is what they do, then we can expect some more vids of YS in the future. *hoping* kk~~


Sunday, December 22, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 52)

131222 - Day 52

Best Friend, one of youngsaeng's fansites has shared the finished 2014 YS Calendar on twitter today. it's looks really nice and ys looks really handsome in each of the pics. i can't wait to have mine!! let's all be together with young saeng this 2014! ^^


Friday, December 20, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 51)

131221 - Day 51

another cute pic of YS wearing his police uniform was shared online. i love how we get to see pics of him looking like this. he is so cute as usual and it seems that he is happy and getting used to what ever it is that he's been doing. it's still a long way to go before we could see the Idol/Singer YS again but for the meantime, let's just all wish him happiness and hope that he could learn a lot of new things and meet lots of new friends along the way. will patiently wait for his return. cute otter prince, fighting! ^^


150730 기다릴게 (Day 50)

131220 - Day 50

the engsubbed vid of the letter VCR is here!! didn't expect it to be out so fast so im really thankful for the fast subs. YS is so cute when he asked for water from his coordi noona and tell her to take care of him a bit. haha! hire me! and i will take care of you not just a bit but with all my heart! LOL!! i really like his relationship with the people he works with. even if he said that to his coordi noona, i do feel that he is so loved. well.. about the vid, there's nothing else i could say but... i love him... so much. :(