Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Memorable Rule The Sky Moments with Young Saeng and Y.E.S

How will i start? actually, i don't even know when exactly i decided to try and play this game. I got curious at first. I was like, how come fans know when YS is online? I always read some fans tweeting him with just smiley faces or saying he just went online or something. hehe. i tried to download it but because of me being so impatient, i gave up on the first try. The game really takes so much time to download! but then again, i got more and more curious so i decided to try and download the game again. and at last! i was able to download it! keke :p

At first, i don't find it interesting at all. haha! i went over to young saeng's flotia and just stare at it. i don't even know what to do. i keep on having questions in my mind like how did they know when YS is online? how to request for a favor? etc. I decided to just keep on playing the game. I look over at youngsaeng's friend list and saw some familiar names so i added them all. What's nice about this game is you get to interact with fans especially Y.E.S (there just too many of them playing the game keke) from all over the world. That is when i started to have fun playing.

I started to receive gifts from friends and started to know how the game works. and the moment came when i finally managed to ask a favor and care in young saeng's flotia! you just don't have any idea how happy i am! haha. just the thought of him accepting the favor and care makes me smile this big ^________^ haha! so here it is. first care requested and first favor completed:

I was so happy i was like responding to myself "you're welcome, my dear young saeng" LOL!! that's when i started to stalk his flotia. really, since then, stalking his flotia has become my daily habit. That time, i was still not on his friend list. I always feel jealous when i visit some friends' flotia and saw youngsaeng playing their mini or someone tweeting about receiving care from him. Then, something memorable happened again! he added me as a friend!!! One morning, i just received a tweet from a friend and a msg in rule the sky from another friend saying YS added me as friend! I immediately went over his flotia and saw this:

see that small circle msg icon? that means i can already send him a msg. which also means, yes! he added me as friend!! haha!! i was smiling to myself that whole day. ^_^ the first thing that i think almost all fans who got added by YS as a friend is to make their own YS Only Zone. keke. a place in the flotia made specially for YS. my very first YS Only Zone looks like this:

then it became like this: keke

I started to become really addicted with the game. i always wanted to be online same time as YS so that i can request a care and a favor from his flotia. I wanted him to notice me so he'll go and visit my flotia. haha!! crazy much?

now my happy moments in RTS. a total of 4 care received, 2 treasures received (not sure if i received more and just wasn't able to capture it, LOL!), countless favor and care requested and moments when i was able to play his mini.

1st care received

2nd care received

3rd care received

4th care received

1st Treasure

2nd Treasure

Moments when i was able to play the mini on his flotia

and of course, the most memorable moment of it all happened last Feb. 12, 2013. The moment when he left a gift on my flotia.

T.T i was so happy one morning, when i opened RTS and saw that he visited my flotia and left a gift. but this silly otter gave me something which i cannot display yet because of my level. i was only at Level 43 by that time and the Dragon Home which he gave me can be displayed only when you're on Level 44. haha! I know that he usually give gifts to fans based on their level. maybe he's still sleepy at that time he thought my level is 44 already not 43. haha! im really thankful anyways. coz because of that, a really really nice friend gifted me with stars so i can faster level up and display young saeng's gift. (you know who you are ^^) Y.E.S are just too sweet right? hehe

so at that night, i was able to level up and display his gift.

cute right? hehe i was thinking that i couldn't really ask for more. so recently, when he decided to remove fans on his friend list, i was ok with it. of course i felt sad but it's ok. i know that he's now busy preparing for his comeback and his musical so expecting him to still come and visit fans' flotia is just too much to ask. hehe :p he doesn't go online that much nowadays, and im thinking that he will slowly stop playing. i just hope that when he's not busy anymore, he could come and play again.

now i wonder if this is the last favor i will complete in his flotia before he completely stops playing

*i hope not*