Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heo Young Saeng's latest cyworld update

im I decided to post something here after such a long this post is about who?..of course its about my prince Young Saeng!! Recently, this guy is enjoying himself going to different places for vacation!..he just went to Japan & LA recently with Kyu Jong..and after a few days..he posted some pictures on his cyworld and even wrote a msg for all Triple S (yes! He has a cyworld..and no! I don’t know the link to it! T_T)

isn't he just too cute?! first time i saw this..i was smiling like an idiot! how old are you saengi-ah?! ys is the quiet and mysterious one..but looking at this picture..i can feel that he's really fun to be with!! *_*

i also like this picture..ys and kyu (and i bet the other 3 guys too) are very close to Steven Lee..actually through him that Triple S knew that ys and kyu had a vacation..because he mentioned it on his twitter account..

another picture with Steven Lee so cute!! i love that they don't look like an idol here..but just normal people having some fun with their vacation..

don't know who took this shot..but its obvious its not YS! haha..but this pic has such a good feeling to it..after seeing this..don't know why but i just suddenly want to give him a back hug! LOL! *blush*

but this one..i guess i know who took it..its YS..this guy..even before is really very fond of taking pictures..and he really likes to take random his surroundings..the sky..and most of his pics turns out really great..(saengi-ah, my father is a professional photographer! he can teach you more about photography!! haha!)

one more..and this time..kyu jong as a model! thing i noticed about kyu jong recently is that he really loves that checkered shirt!! haha..he wore it when they were having a radio guesting, on the airport when they got back from Japan, when he was spotted eating ice cream with Kara's Ji Young and when he had an eye check up! hehe..but he looks its ok.. :)

i also mentioned that saengi also wrote a msg right? it is:

Now don’t even have a space for me to ke

Don’t know since when my supposedly secret cyworld… everyone seems to know it already..;
Then~ thought of just opening it to the public.. –
But everyone seems to visit on their then don’t open publicly~
Just…don’t hack my password.. otherwise will close cyworld..
Anyway… girls’ pictures.. special pictures.. there are none~

Recently, went to Japan… went to L.A. .. actually also went to Las Vegas for a short period..
Everyone is curious right…? ke ke What did we do.. ke
In Japan, didn’t even take a single photo…ㅠㅠ Just went there to play to our hearts’ content.
In US.. took many memorable photos..
Most importantly, we toured extensively…^ ^
Saw bungee jumping from 108 storey…. with my own eyes!!! ke ke
I cannot comprehend.. – - why spend money to risk your life..;

Everyone is still…curious about what..?
What will happen to KyuJong and I.. keke
I also don’t know~~what will become of us..
But..seems like will work out smoothly~~everything..
I’ll let you all anticipate!! But not too much~~

Twitter seems to be very popular.. I still cannot figure out how to use..;;
So..still stuck with cyworld… ^^
Annoying annoying~~

Mo (A sound)..anyway.. don’t be too curious~~
Do not be curious…and invade my privacy~~ ke ke ke ke ke
When you miss me…. when you miss me very much…
Ah~~when you miss watching me performing on the stage~~ that time…
During that time… I might already be dancing and singing already..
When I’m performing…I don’t like to pass my mic to others!!! I’m such a person~~ ke ke
Surely people who want to see me.. will leave comments.. I miss you now!! There are such people .. – -

Greedy monsters!! Wohoho!

Don’t be anxious… Take a break ..As time…goes by..
there will be good news… ^^

Credits: YoungSaeng@Cyworld + (English Translation) crazynoona

once again saengi made me laugh with his msg..haha..this guy is really just can't help but to fall for him more! who in their right minds will call their fans "greedy monsters"?! LOL! but he said it in a way that you will just laugh about it and actually find it cute! saengi-ah..ottoke? i really miss you..and yes im a greedy monster!! so come out now!! and i mean NOW!! :)