Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young Saeng - The Three Musketeers Musical

It's been a while since i last posted something on this blog. All SS501 members are currently busy with their solo activities that it's been really hard to be updated with all that's what going on with the five of them. I feel so sorry for the other four members because i can't be much updated with them as I am with young saeng~XD Still love all five of them with all my heart though~^^

Ok, so young saeng is currently busy acting as D'Artagnan on The Three Musketeers Musical. The first time i heard that he will be participating in a musical, i was so excited! I didn't expect it to happen because he said so himself that he doesn't want to do musicals because he find it really hard with the singing, acting, memorizing lines, etc. I don't know what's the reason why he changed his mind all of a sudden, but that decision was for me the best thing he did. I don't know what to expect at first because YS seems really awkward when he's acting. keke. but when i saw the very first curtain call vid, you just can't imagine how proud i am! I feel like a proud mother seeing her son performing his very first act on stage! haha!

I just love the new found confidence in him. He looks so happy being on stage. That stage was made for Heo Young Saeng! and im also really happy because he seems really close with the other cast of the musical. One thing i don't like though are the kissing scenes..LOL! kidding~

A lot of vids from all different fanclubs taken during the curtain call have been posted on different blogs but i will just post here my favorite ones. really can tell that YS is so loved. and im sure he also knows that.


credit: rmdkdl1103


credit: rmdkdl1103

credit: yssilver1103


credit: BestYS + JeabSaeng501

11.11.20 (1)

credit: ForeverYS + amylucky0508

11.11.20 (2)

credit: ForeverYS + amylucky0508

and here's a bonus fancam from Akee of Triple S Philippines.

credit: Akee (Triple S Philippines) + TheSHERLINDA501

That last vid is not taken during the curtain call. So i applaud akee for taking the risk of recording that one just to share with all of us. I know YS said just recently not to take "pictures" during the musical. I think (correct me if im mistaken) he doesn't mean this one. I think some fans are taking "pictures" during the musical which makes him and other actors lose focus and concentration that leads them to commit mistakes. This vid was taken secretly, it is hidden so they didn't even know that someone is actually recording them. But I agree, this one is enough. For all those who will watch the rest of the shows, just enjoy the charm of our Heotagnan. Just take pics and vids during the curtain call~^^

Will update this post with all other curtain call vids from the rest of young saeng's musical performances. He has one today~!! Heotagnan Fighting!! ^_^



credit: yssilver1103

credit: rmdkdl + JeabSaeng501