Sunday, February 8, 2015

150730 기다릴게 (Day 465)

150208 - Day 465

let me take a moment to listen to this heavenly voice again while admiring his beautiful face. this is my favorite fancam of him while singing Lost Stars. this was when he sang this song for the first time. everyone in the audience didn't make any sound while he was singing. can understand them really. if was there, my mouth will probably be hanging open the whole time while seeing hearts all over the place admiring and enjoying the moment at the same time. he's just...... perfect.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

150730 기다릴게 (Day 464)

150207 - Day 464

i don't know what exactly this ranking is for but it's nice seeing him at the top rank. it says yearbook and has pics of kpop idols when they were still young. they put a very adorable pic of ys btw. haha!! so cute that i want to pinch his cheeks over and over again. voting isn't over so can still continue to vote for him here.

150730 기다릴게 (Day 463)

150206 - Day 463

there's something about this pic that i really love. i can't figure out exactly what it is but i just found myself staring at it. maybe because of that smile. starting to miss seeing him smile like this again. it's been 2 weeks already... i wonder what he's up to.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

150730 기다릴게 (Day 462)

150205 - Day 462

sharing today very nice pics share by @ Kayoungogo in twitter. miss you, youngsaengie~~~

150730 기다릴게 (Day 461)

150204 - Day 461

sharing today a vid by yongyong during the last seoul police hongbodan musical and talk concert. so this is the last time YS greeted the fans and accepted their letter and gifts. he will miss this for sure. haha! the fans will miss being this close to him more though~

150730 기다릴게 (Day 460)

150203 - Day 460

i need something to look forward to *pout* i miss you~~ ㅠㅠ 

Monday, February 2, 2015

150730 기다릴게 (Day 459)

150202 - Day 459

sharing today some screencaps from a very nice fanvid made by a YS fan in FB. pics are from those moments during the Seoul Police Hongbodan Musical and Talk Concert where YS greets fans and accepts their letters and gifts. those fans who are in there are sure so lucky being this close to him *envy*

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