Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Young Saeng-ah U R the MAN!!

omo! omo! omo! felt totally speechless the first time i saw this video!'s a compilation of young saeng's signature moves during the U R Man promotion. seriously, how many times did they perform this song? too bad im not yet a triple s at that time..coz if i am, i wouldn't miss seeing any single one of the shows they appeared in to perform this song..saengi's just full of charisma! who wouldn't fall in love with his signature moves?'s like after seeing him perform the first time..u will definitely look forward to what he will do next..i bet even those not saengi biased will agree with me..check this out:

Credit: sssaengheeq's YT Channel

Monday, March 29, 2010

U-Kiss in the Philippines

Well, im not as lucky as most fans but I can still say that I’m lucky..last Friday, March 26, 2010 is the day that U-Kiss arrived here in the Philippines. That same day, I filed for a leave of absence from work..i already asked my sister to accompany me to the mall because I know that they will have a mall show there..but something happened and we went to a different place instead coz I need to buy something for my sister as a gift for her graduation. The start of U-Kiss show in SM Megamall is at 5pm..i was checking updates in twitter as early as 10am and from there I knew that a lot of fans are already lining up to buy a cd and the line is already at the 3rd Flr. at around 11:30am!! I told myself..whoa! that’s a lot! So I said, ok I will drop by there just to catch a glimpse of them. So at around 4:30pm, we already finished buying and are on our way to SM Megamall…I was already in a bad mood coz of the traffic! Using my phone, I check for updates on twitter. From there I knew that they already finished performing and will already start the fansigning..i think that was around 5:45PM..i wanted to shout and blame my sister for insisting to buy in a far place! But then again, I told myself that it’s ok. We arrived at SM Megamall @ around 6:00PM. I immediately rushed to the place where they were having their fansigning..i saw lots of people there..i walked to the back and saw some staff still selling cds. I asked if all those with cds can get an autograph, but the sales lady said she’s not sure. I decided not to buy the cd and just go to the 3rd flr. for me to get a better view. For an hour I only watch them from the 3rd flr. u think its boring? No it’s not! I actually enjoyed it..all the boys are nice and their fan service is just awesome!!

It’s so funny that whenever fans call out the name of each member, they will look, smile, wave and even do an aegyo!! Out of all the members, I think Soohyun is the best when it comes to fan service..i wanted to focus my attention to Kibum & Kevin but I just can’t coz of him! He even sent a flying kiss in my direction! lol..i saw him stand, wave, smile, make a heart sign, etc. etc. etc.!! all the other guys seems very kind too…I saw Kevin doing the Oh! Dance, Eli doing a big heart on top of his head (u know mc donalds? Its like that! LOL), Alexander & Kiseop smiling and waving to fans, Kibum who stand when he heard fans called his name and did an aegyo and of course Dongho, the shy maknae stretching his arms after signing 200 cds!!

After their fan signing, Kibum is the first one to stand and went to the front of the stage to pick up pieces of papers. I think it’s something coz if it’s not that important, it’ll be like Kibum just cleaned the stage!! LMAO!! They all said their goodbyes and then leave the stage..i saw fans from the side rushed to follow them while they were sister then grabbed my arm and told me to come down so that I can see them up close…we went to the 2nd flr. and I saw few fans there forming a line in the exit..there are stairs on both side and most of the fans are waiting beside the stair that is near the exit..few minutes after, I heard screaming from the stairs on the other side…when I look, I saw Dongho!! At that point in time, I don’t know what to do?..what I know is my sister grabbed my arm again and the next thing I know..all of U-Kiss members are walking in front of me..and other fangirls are like pushing each other and someone even stepped on my foot! But its ok..the only thing I remember is when Eli & Alexander walked right in front of near I could almost touch them!

Here’s the only picture I managed to take during the fan signing… I kinda blamed myself for not having my cp ready when they were leaving so that I can take a pic of them up close..aishh!!

Here's a video of them performing on Party Pilipinas last Sunday,
March 28, 2010

Credit: PinasBayanKo’s YT Channel

their performance here is really great!! and the fans who went to the studio is awesome too!! looking forward for their major concert in Araneta Coliseum on May 29, 2010. i hope i can save enough money to be able to watch them..

when will SS501 visit the Philippines?..haayy..can't wait..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adorkable Hyung Jun

Seems like there’s a lot of news on baby but only few or even none on the other four guys.. *sigh..but still..i would rather have many news on baby than no news at all..i think that out of the 5 is the workaholic one..he has the “becomes a progamer” show and Music High..gosh…this guy should rest…but I really love seeing him on shows coz it shows how adorkable he this video that I will share for was taken during the latest broadcast of Music High (3/24/10)

Hyung Jun dancing/singing to Kara’s Lupin & dancing to U-Kiss’ Binguel Binguel

Credit: 501days’s YT Channel & thanks to stalking_hj for sharing the link on twitter.

I was laughing so hard while watching this..i hope that the lyrics translation to baby’s lupin cover will come out soon..the lyrics for his song covers are always when he sang Kara’s Honey, SNSD's Oh! and BEG’s Abracadabra with his own funny.

I wonder who’s that guy with him..a relative maybe?..i noticed that the shirt he’s wearing is the same as the sponsored shirt young saeng wore’s the pic.

credit as tagged

LMAO! laughing at myself now..i still managed to squeeze in saengi to this post..haha..

SS501's maknae Kim Hyung Jun on Twitter

Last night, SS501’s maknae Kim Hyung Jun was online on twitter…he made all triple s shocked when he posted a picture of him using twitpic. Here is the picture he posted..

or click here to see some triple s comments on the pic.

Some triple s are still having doubts whether HyungJun87 is indeed baby’s twitter..for not 100% sure but I always have this happy feeling whenever I see him tweet..although most of his tweets are in Hangul, im sure lots of triple s are happy knowing that he’s much more closer now to international fans..he’s just a tweet away! lol

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Five As One

i just like to share this song that a triple s from the Philippines wrote. and take not..she even sang it herself! the first time i heard it, i was totally speechless..all triple s can relate to the message of this's just so perfect..3 thumbs up to Zee Panganiban of TSPH for being able to make this beautiful song..i wish one day, SS501 will hear this and know how much triple s loves them..

Credit: Zee Panganiban's YT Channel - TheVersionZee

here's the lyrics of the song:


As your music fills the room
I'm thinking of your smile
As your warmth touch our hearts
Oh, let this be the start

You bring us hope to know
That dreams come true
And I'm grateful
'Cause of you

FIVE STARS light up the sky
Our voice soars high
Wish it brings us close to (you)
Green lights fill the crowd
As you call out
Singing na na na

The road to get to where you are
Is not easy we know
But the joy as you inspire
Tells us there is something more

You bring us hope to know
That dreams come true
And I'm grateful
'Cause of you

FIVE STARS light up the sky
Our voice soars high
Wish it brings us close to (you)
Green lights fill the crowd
As you call out
Singing na na na na

And we know
That the time will come
Five as one, we will shout
Loud and proud

FIVE STARS light up the sky
Our voice soars high
Wish it brings us close to (you)
Green lights fill the crowd
As you call out
Singing na na na na

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review of SS501 Songs Part 3 (U R Man)

So this time, let me have my review on the songs in the U R Man album where just 3 of the guys (Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong & Kim Hyung Jun) were able to participate. The time they release this album leader Kim Hyun Joong is busy filming Boys Over Flowers while Park Jung Min is casting in a musical. I would have to give 3 thumbs up for these 3 guys because they really did a really great job. U R Man was able to get the first place in M Countdown twice and was also able to receive the mutizen award in Inkigayo. Well, I was able to give my review to their song U R Man here. So...I will give my review to the other five songs in the U R Man album.

The One
Aside from U R Man, they were also able to perform this song on Music Shows..and I must say that the dance is just too cute!! Haha.. I love the melody of this song and I especially love the last part of the chorus where they will say ♪’re the one ♪ I really love the melody of this song..i can listen to this nonstop and will never get tired of it.

Here’s a live performance of The One. I love it!! <3

Credit: J126GCY’s YT Channel

Want It
A nice dance track from SS501..actually, if u ignore the voices and just listen to the melody of the song…u would not think that its from SS501..ignore the lyrics also..coz it mention SS501 couple of times! lol..i really think that SS501 started to show their mature side when they release this album. Totally different from their last image..when they released DejaVu & A song calling for you. A lot of Triple S I think like this new image of SS501 that’s why this album gained a lot of popularity and achievements.

Here is a video of them performing Want It live..taken from the Showcase with Triple S concert. This is really a great performance and all 3 of them look great!!

Credit: fiona111191’s YT Channel

Is it Love (Young Saeng’s solo)
So this is young saeng’s solo in the album. I love that this album contains solos from each member. They were able to show each other’s strength and the song that were given to each member is the one that suites him the best. As for young saeng, his solo song is a ballad that showcases his beautiful voice. This is a special song because he is the one who compose it. he will not be called the love professor for nothing right?..haha..but this is a really sad song..

Here is a live performance of Is it love taken from the Japan Mini Concert 2009
English Translation by xiaochu@Quainte

Credit: hoonfami’s YT Channel

Never Let You Go (Kyu Jong’s solo)
Now for kyu jong’s solo..well I love it..i love the R&B feel into it..and I especially love him when he performs this song live..he has the charisma on help him in this can hear baby rapping in some part and it makes the song even more awesome.

Here is a live performance of Never Let You Go taken from the Showcase with Triple S Concert.

Credit: hoonfami’s YT Channel

I Am (Hyung Jun’s solo)
This is the only solo song from the U R Man album that was able to be promoted on a Music Show..maybe because baby is hosting the show at that time..kyu jong & young saeng wasn’t able to perform their solo song live on a music show..they only perform it on concerts/shows. I also love this song so much..u will never get tired listening to it..i love the chorus and baby’s voice is just <3

Here is the live performance of Hyung Jun’s solo “I Am”

Credit: hyungjunangel’s YT Channel

So there u go..i hope new triple s or other kpop fans who visits this blog will take time to listen to all songs of SS501..i can assure u that you will fall in love with all of their songs..whoa isn’t it obvious that I’m too bored?..i posted song reviews 3 days in a row!! lol..but I had fun doing it..keke..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review of SS501 Songs Part 2 (Rebirth)

Love Like This
This is the only song they released out of the Rebirth Mini Album. I love this song so much and it has a special place in my heart because this is the very first song they promoted the time I am a Triple S already. I’m not yet a triple s when they were promoting their other songs so this song is really quite memorable. I still remember all those weekends when im always online just to watch live streaming of music shows (Music Bank, Music Core & Inkigayo) because I know that they will be performing live. The most memorable one is the Comeback performance in Music Core..a lot of Triple S are anticipating their comeback performance. I was watching the live streaming while chatting with other triple s online. And then, when they appear on stage..whoa! I think im going to have a nervous breakdown! Haha..

They started with the intro with the L.O.V.E <3 hand’s quite funny coz most triple s who watched the performance didn’t get it the first’s just after watching it again that most found out that they did make a L.O.V.E <3 hand’s all baby’s fault!! who would have thought that’s he’s trying to show L with that cute hand of his? When the screen showed heart beats faster!! Haha..he looks so cute with that peace (ooppss I mean V) sign!

And then the fan chants begin..really proud of Korean Triple S because the fan chants at that time is just so loud. They even manage to squeeze in “Heo Young Saeng saengil chukha hae!” (Happy Birthday Heo Young Saeng) to their fan chant.

Here’s a vid of their Comeback Performance in Music Core

Credit: hoonfami’s YT Channel

Only One Day
I already fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. the intro is just so beautiful. Everytime I hear SS501 perform this live, I always have goosebumps. This is the perfect song to listen to when you’re emo-ing!! lol. I really love jung min’s voice in this song and of course I would never forget saengi..i really love his part of this song..whenever I hear him sing, I always feel like he’s hurting..the part ♪I wish I can bring you back again ♪ and the ♪ nul saranghaaeeee ♪ is just ♥

Here’s my favorite live performance of this song..i believe that this performance is just perfect!! This video also includes a live performance of Love Like This. 

Credit: myhsf715’s YT Channel

Green Peas / 완.두.콩.
Now this song is just special..know why?..because it is especially written for all triple s. how can u not love SS501?..they are just sweet towards their fans..i love the lyrics of this song because all members wrote it themselves for triple why green peas?..because fans of SS501 are also called green peas (aside from Triple S) it is because green is the official color of SS501 and whenever there are shows/concerts and all triple s are carrying & waving green light sticks, it looks like green peas.

Here is the English translation of Green Peas provided by GENESIS @ Soompi forums.

One summer in my eyes, was a shining green star
our love for each other began to burn

In the night sky like green stars they appeared twinkling
and it was just so lovely...
The moment we came together, the promises we made to each other together
that all the times we'd be together form then on...
let's protect those forever

When we become that star
anywhere in the world, we'll always shine down on you
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
We'll become happy together

I know of only one who makes me laugh
I know of only one who makes me cry
You're always the one to stay by my side

No matter who says what, there's one thing that doesn't change
our love for each other is forever

Always like a star, shining
it is our time together that so brightly sparkles forever
our precious green stars

Thank you all for your love, we swear to you to love you
All for you

When we become that star
anywhere in the world, we'll always shine down on you
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
We'll become happy together

One more time!

When we become that star
anywhere in the world, we'll always shine down on you
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
We'll become happy together

We, together.... will go on being happy~

Here’s a video of Green Peas HQ Full version - (with phonetic lyrics)

Credit: XxShadowyn777xX’YT Channel

Was I able to mention already that I love all songs in the Rebirth album?..hehe..if I were to rank these 5 songs, I think that I will have a really difficult about Wasteland, I love the chorus!! I love how I can really distinguish each and every member’s voices in this in the chorus where u won’t hear saengi’s voice and then it will suddenly popped up at the second line. Whoa..crazy much? Hehe. I fell in love with this song more after seeing them performed it on the Encore Concert in Seoul. And now, im not only addicted to the song but im addicted to the dance too!!

Here’s a fancam of Wasteland taken from the Encore Concert in Seoul

Credit: kimxiuhyun’s YT Channel

Same with wasteland, they also performed this song on the Encore Concert in Seoul. Even though they will only perform obsess & wasteland twice (for the two nights Encore Concert) but I feel that they put lots of efforts into it..i love the dance for this song too!! Actually when I first listen to all five songs in the rebirth album, this is the first song that caught my attention..maybe because of the English part in the chorus..
♪ I'm obsessed with you, wanna be with you~
naegen niga neomu so good, so good girl!
I'm obsessed with you, wanna be with you
cheomjeom teo ppajyeo-ppajyeoga ♪

Ok now here’s a video taken from the Encore Concert in Seoul..this one is focused on young saeng!! ^_^

Credit: hkkatrina’s YT Channel

So there, all five songs in the Rebirth Album..all five songs are great and the this album is just Jjang!! Still waiting for the release of their new album on 5.01. really hope that the new album will surpass what achievements they had for this rebirth album. Triple S will always be here to support SS501. ♥♥♥ Triple S & SS501 Together Forever ♥♥♥

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review of SS501 Songs

I’m not being biased or anything but I really love almost all songs of SS501. I just love how their voices compliment each other..if u ask me..i will definitely say that I love young saeng’s voice the most (now im being biased here..hehe)..well but who doesn’t right? I really love his sweet and powerful voice..and now after watching various persona performances..i can say that he was able to show his versatility on stage..we all know him as the one most suited for ballads right?..but he proved that he can sing rock & rap songs as well..the second one I like (we are talking about their voices ok..) is hyungjun’s..and then followed by jungmin, kyu jong and hyun is my personal review of some of SS501 songs:

Because I’m Stupid
As I’ve said in my previous post..this is the very first song of SS501 that I came to know. I first heard it while watching Boys over first I didn’t know that SS501 is the one who sang it. I didn’t like the song at first but after hearing them performed it live..i fell in love with it..

U R Man
If the previous song is the first song of SS501 that I heard, this song is the first song I saw them performed live. I didn’t know much about them first impression of them is that they look matured..i even asked myself how old they were at that time..maybe because of the outfits they have during U R Man performances. I especially love the “take off jacket” & “remove dandruff” move..& I always love young saeng’s expression while taking off his jacket during the last part of the song..where he will always make this cute pout. Haha..biased much? Ok here’s one vid of them performing U R Man live.

Credit: babyhyunjoong’s YT Channel

And here’s one bonus video of Kim Hyun Joong’s U R Man rehearsal

Never Again
Now this is the song that made me fall in love with saengi’s voice..i can still remember the first time hearing this. Its quite memorable coz while listening to it, my mind is thinking of a scene in a fanfic I was reading at that time. Actually the author of the fanfic is the one who mentioned this song. First time hearing, I fell in love with it right away. Especially this part: ♪ I don’t wanna love again…baby I don’t wanna love again ♪..whoa saengi’s voice makes me melt! lol! And also baby’s part: ♪ oohh I don’t wanna love again…I don’t..i don’t..i don’t baby I don’t wanna love again can’t you see my darling ♪
I always listen to this song when im emo-ing!! Haha..

You Are My Heaven
This song is one of my favorite. I love how their voices compliment each other. I love how each member were given the part that suites him the best. kyu jong’s voice at the beginning is just so good..and then baby’s and leader’s rap to jung min’s saranghae to the nth level (lol..get what I mean) and of course I will never forget saengi..his soothing voice completes the whole song. Here is my favorite live performance of You Are My Heaven. If im not mistaken this was from the Showcase with Triple S concert last 2009.

Credit: marge0256m’s YT Channel

A Song Calling For You
The time when I was in the point of “getting to know” more of SS501, I saw lots of videos for this song on youtube. this song is really cute..and the mv is cute too (watch it on my previous post) i personally think that this is the song where they made a lot of mistakes during performances..haha..i love watching those cute little mistakes that the fans were able to capture while SS501 is performing this song. so who do u think made the most number of mistakes for this song?..hehe..

Also one of my favorite. Honestly the first time I saw this song title on youtube, I didn’t bother to watch it..hehe..i thought its the same as Never Again but later on found out that it’s a different song..what I can’t forget whenever I listen to this song is the scene in SOS where young saeng cried because of that little boy who he got really close to. A family will adopt that little boy and they (especially ys) are really sad because they will be separated..that’s a sad scene..young saeng locked himself in the other room crying while this song is playing in the background. T_T Here’s my favorite live performance of this song. Again, taken from the Showcase with Triple S mini concert.

Credit: hoonfami’s YT Channel

I love the dance!! so love it! I think that their choreography for this song is the best. I always love it whenever they performed this live. The last part is just awesome! I also love the part where baby will jump over leader. This song really shows their charisma on stage.

Ok I think I will stop this for now..there are still loads of SS501 songs that I didn’t mention..this is just the 1st part..hehe..i will also be posting a separate one for the songs in the Rebirth all the five songs there.

Monday, March 15, 2010

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng vs D-NA’s Park Hyuncheol “Karam”

Ok don’t get me not going to put these two cute guys in a fight or something..i just want to share what I noticed about the two of them..

I’ve been a fan of SS501 since mid of 2009 and I can really say that no other idol groups can surpass what feelings I have for these guys. Its just weeks ago that a new idol group Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) make a debut to the kpop scene.

The thing that made me so interested to hear what this new idol group can offer is the article from allkpop that says their music is similar to SS501..i was like..whoa! jinja?! i love SS501 songs!! lol

So the time they released their full song “Admiring Boy”..i immediately listen to it..know what my response is?..I LOVED IT!! and one of their member even sounded like heo young saeng!! I got really excited I want to see what that member look like.

Then..i saw the music it first to understand what I mean..hehe..

Credit: TwirlyBox’s YT Channel

After watching the music video..i don’t know what to say..that guy just doesn’t sing like young saeng but he even look like him too!! Haha..honestly at that point in time..he became my favorite member of D-NA already..haha..

My feelings while watching the “Admiring Boy” Music Video

First few seconds of it already reminded me of SS501’s A Song Calling For You MV..haha..the waking up scene?..jung min is that u? this:

Credit: SujuDBSK4ever’s YT Channel

The melody of these two songs are not exactly the same..i just find a lot of similarities with young saeng and karam..if u are a triple s like me and been listening to SS501 songs, you will actually noticed it right away..the voice is really similar.. 

I find the song "Admiring Boy" really beautiful though..i like the melody and I can listen to it all day. Its nice to see young saeng in someone especially now that he’s (again) missing in action until SS501’s comeback on 5.01.

Ok so here are some pictures..still don’t want to agree with me?..hehe

Am i just missing young saeng so much that i see him in someone else?..haha..really can't wait for SS501's comeback..what to expect?..haayy..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What? Why? When? How? Who?

Haha..does the title confused you?..well its just yesterday that I decided to make my own blog. This entry will be like an introduction of what this blog will be all about.

When I first came across the question of what title I want for this blog..i was like..”erm..what will I write?” so then I thought..this is my blog, this is where I write anything and everything I want based on my own there..i have my title already.. ♥♥♥My Own Thoughts♥♥♥

Initially, I wanted this blog to be dedicated to SS501 (I love them!)..but I think there’s a lot of bloggers out there I decided that I will just write anything I want…whether it is about SS501 or any other group but this blog I think may be about KPOP in general and my own random thoughts.

Because I love KPOP! These past few months, my life just started to revolve around it. Although there will be times that I will put random thoughts..but expect this blog to be filled with kpop stuff.

I think I started to know kpop when my Korean bosses performed a dance number in our Company Christmas Party last 2007. They performed Tell Me by theWondergirls. That is the first time I actually enjoy and listen to a kpop song..and their dance steps was really I went and search for the Wondergirls..

Well, Internet of course!! I started watching youtube videos of the wondergirls..i came to know their song Nobody and I loved it..(right getting tired listening to that song! lol) after that.. I started to be even more familiarized with other kpop songs.


So I mentioned already that the first kpop group I know is the Wondergirls..but then..i got to know SS501! Ok let me share to you how..

So I think many of you are already familiar with the Korean Drama Boys over Flowers right?..i watched it..not just because I love Meteor Garden and want to watch the Korean version of it but also because this one guy caught my attention..Kim Hyun Joong. Im not going to write any more detailed things about BOF, I will just say that I really love it.

Because of wanting to get to know more about Kim Hyun Joong, I searched for his name in the Internet. I came across an idol group named SS501. at first I thought..whoa, he belongs to an idol group..i got so excited I want to see him as a singer..(because he’s too quiet and all in BOF) and then when I searched for SS501..i found out (or so I thought) that they a 3-member group.

The first song of SS501 I listened to is Because I’m Stupid. I was really confused at that time..coz im looking for Kim Hyun Joong but he’s no where to be seen. Later, I found a rehearsal video of Kim Hyun Joong dancing to U R Man. Whoa..i can still remember the feeling when I first saw him dance..i didn’t know he had it in him..when I searched for some more videos of U R Man..i saw those 3 guys again..i was like “where the hell is Kim Hyun Joong?” haha..

The rest is history..haha..too long for me to say..but I was able to find out..that SS501 is actually a 5-member group and that the three members, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun(honestly it took me a while to realize that it’s actually a different name! haha) formed a sub unit and released an album without the other two members Kim Hyun Joong (because he was busy acting in BOF) and Park Jung Min (because he’s doing a musical).

So there, I started to listen to their songs, watch them in old variety shows they appeared in (Thank You for Waking us Up, Thank You for Raising Us, Idol World, M! Pick, etc.) Honestly, at first I didn’t bother to focus my attention to the other guys. My eyes are only glued on Hyun Joong whenever I watch them. But after knowing the five of them, I realized that each has their own charm and charisma. I hate to say this but after knowing them, I’m more of a young saeng biased now..i even forgot that I once liked hyun joong..i really adore Heo Young Saeng. His prince image (he’s a bad boy now..hehe), his voice, his signature moves, his smile..everything about him.

As much as I wanted this blog not to focus on SS501 alone, I think I will have a really difficult time..i love them so much. Hehe.. aside from SS501, I also like U-Kiss, 2AM & Kara. I do appreciate most of the Korean songs..but let me just say this…I am a PROUD TRIPLE S!