Saturday, November 26, 2011

Young Saeng - The Three Musketeers Musical

It's been a while since i last posted something on this blog. All SS501 members are currently busy with their solo activities that it's been really hard to be updated with all that's what going on with the five of them. I feel so sorry for the other four members because i can't be much updated with them as I am with young saeng~XD Still love all five of them with all my heart though~^^

Ok, so young saeng is currently busy acting as D'Artagnan on The Three Musketeers Musical. The first time i heard that he will be participating in a musical, i was so excited! I didn't expect it to happen because he said so himself that he doesn't want to do musicals because he find it really hard with the singing, acting, memorizing lines, etc. I don't know what's the reason why he changed his mind all of a sudden, but that decision was for me the best thing he did. I don't know what to expect at first because YS seems really awkward when he's acting. keke. but when i saw the very first curtain call vid, you just can't imagine how proud i am! I feel like a proud mother seeing her son performing his very first act on stage! haha!

I just love the new found confidence in him. He looks so happy being on stage. That stage was made for Heo Young Saeng! and im also really happy because he seems really close with the other cast of the musical. One thing i don't like though are the kissing scenes..LOL! kidding~

A lot of vids from all different fanclubs taken during the curtain call have been posted on different blogs but i will just post here my favorite ones. really can tell that YS is so loved. and im sure he also knows that.


credit: rmdkdl1103


credit: rmdkdl1103

credit: yssilver1103


credit: BestYS + JeabSaeng501

11.11.20 (1)

credit: ForeverYS + amylucky0508

11.11.20 (2)

credit: ForeverYS + amylucky0508

and here's a bonus fancam from Akee of Triple S Philippines.

credit: Akee (Triple S Philippines) + TheSHERLINDA501

That last vid is not taken during the curtain call. So i applaud akee for taking the risk of recording that one just to share with all of us. I know YS said just recently not to take "pictures" during the musical. I think (correct me if im mistaken) he doesn't mean this one. I think some fans are taking "pictures" during the musical which makes him and other actors lose focus and concentration that leads them to commit mistakes. This vid was taken secretly, it is hidden so they didn't even know that someone is actually recording them. But I agree, this one is enough. For all those who will watch the rest of the shows, just enjoy the charm of our Heotagnan. Just take pics and vids during the curtain call~^^

Will update this post with all other curtain call vids from the rest of young saeng's musical performances. He has one today~!! Heotagnan Fighting!! ^_^



credit: yssilver1103

credit: rmdkdl + JeabSaeng501

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute Videos of Heo Young Saeng

Saw these videos before and really...i was smiling like an idiot in front of my computer screen while watching it..young saeng is just too adorable. I just thought of posting these vids here so that whenever i want to watch it again, i know where to go..keke ^^ I really miss young saeng and i just can't wait for his solo album to come sure it will be daebak!! ^^

Y.S Fighting from myssongeo on Vimeo.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Manila – Afterthoughts

Ok so few days have passed and I still can't get enough of Kyusaeng. Honestly, it feels like the world has suddenly stop. Everyday, I have this moment where I suddenly stop doing anything, stare blankly and think of all the things that happened during the FM.

I admit that I have certain regrets. After watching some fancams, and reading some fan accounts, I feel like I wasn't able to enjoy the FM to its fullest. I know that im probably one of those “really” lucky fans who attended the FM so those who's reading this right now is probably thinking “what is she talking about?!” haha..but yeah..idk too.

But ok so here are the list of the things I “kind of” regret.

>> I wasn't able to socialize and extend more efforts to meet my fellow Triple S. I mean that's an opportunity already to get to know all of you but I feel like I missed that chance. I feel like my personality is like saengie which is more on the reserved side and I actually find it hard to approach and get close to people in just one day. Even to those TS who I already spoke to online but still I wasn't able to mingle and chat with them that much. If given another chance, I really want to be close with all of you. I don't have close friends who are also into kpop so I feel jealous at times when I see fellow TS who can talk to and spazz about SS501 together coz I know that its a really happy feeling.

>> I wasn't able to enjoy the performances to its fullest. Probably because my mind is in all sorts of different places but I really feel that the performances didn't get “into” me. If u will ask me if saengie's voice is really good while watching him perform live, I probably could not answer right away. Of course I know that his voice is really good and I can just confidently say that its awesome but thinking about the FM again, I was like..I wasn't able to really listen to their voices. I know im watching them perform live but my mind is not really into the performance coz all through out the FM, I still can't believe that they are there..performing right in front of me! I don't know if others feel the way I do and its probably because its my first time seeing them and hearing them perform live that's why I felt that way. And also the fact that there are times I really can't focus because im checking and updating tweets. Keke ^^

>> Third and probably the most thing I regret is at the time I was on stage with kyusaeng. I really want to slap myself when I think about that moment again. I mean its really a rare opportunity to be standing so close to them but because of me being so shy, I wasn't able to interact with them that much..esp to saengie. I mentioned in my fan account that I really wasn't able to look at saengie that much because....i just can't! I kinda regret it because there's a chance stare at them all I want! But still, their faces are tattoed on my mind already! Haha!

So what can I say about Kyu Jong and Young Saeng after meeting them in person?

Kyu Jong: He is I can say and most probably u all know is the sweetest person ever! He is really so kind and sweet all the time. If he is not an idol, he is probably the person who you will get close to even after meeting him for the first time. He is someone who will not let anybody feel left out. He takes care of people around him and have such a friendly personality. I read some fan accounts that Kyu was guiding us when we were walking down the stage but honestly, I didn't notice it! LOL! I was walking down the stage that time with my mind probably be in outer space! He can also be a tease at times! Don't let him stare at you for too long coz u will probably can't take it and melt right there and then! He has this kind of stare that will really get inside you and you will just feel dizzy and won't be able to concentrate on anything! Haha. A killer stare! You can always see the sincerity everytime he talks and smile. And really, pics and vids don't do any justice to the way Kyu looks in person. He is really good looking! I know a lot of TS will agree to this..keke ^^

Young Saeng: What can I say about this guy? Haha..he is my bias and I feel that even before seeing him in person, I know and understand his personality already. After watching fancams from the hotel and seeing him smiling and greeting the fans, I felt really happy coz I know he's not usually like that. Other people think that he's a snob but for me he is not...i mean he is..but..aish! i hope u know what i mean! haha! I believe I have similar personality with saengie so I really can understand where he's coming from. When I went up the stage and seeing him up close for the first time, my world suddenly stop. His face is really small and the moment I stared at him, he was staring back..i really can't describe the feeling..and that's the one and only time I was able to look at him. He too, from what I noticed is not having much eye to eye contact with fans unlike kyu jong but you can tell how much he appreciates all the support from the fans, he's just having a hard time expressing it.

So that's it! Keke ^^ lastly, I just want to share this compilation of fancams from going in out of the hotel during the 5 days stay of Kyusaeng here in PH. Thanks to @ivannah501 for sharing! ^^

Credit: ivannahLMH

As of this moment, I still can't get kyusaeng off my mind..i really cannot concentrate on work anymore! haha..don't know when I will be back to my usual self but what happened during the fanmeet is something that I really cannot forget that easily! Ottokae?! keke ^^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng and Story in Manila (Fan Account)

February 5, 2011 The Day I Will Never Forget

I arrived at PICC around 4:45 in the afternoon. There are already few fans there waiting outside the hall. I went in the merchandise section first and bought the YOUNGSAENG light bar. Because I don’t know anyone in there yet so I just decided to sat by the stairs in front of the hall and just surf the net..really happy the place has wifi..haha.

So around 5:00PM, fans started coming. I recognized Fema so I went up to her and asked about the result of the raffle for the handshake. I look at the list and my ticket number is not included. I felt really sad after that. Then the organizer said that cameras are not allowed and instructed everyone to deposit it first to some place there outside the venue before coming inside. I brought a digicam but I didn’t deposit it. I was able to bring it inside but still wasn’t able to take any pics and vids because the guard (scary one) are always on our side(mianhe). I was among the first one to go inside. While I was seated, someone came up to me and asked for my ticket so I showed it to him. He then gave me a sticker that says “HS” (Hyunsaeng? LOL kidding~) and asked me to put it on my clothes for the handshake later after the FM. I was like what? I thought my seat number was not chosen..i really felt so happy after that..Finally I will see Kyusaeng up close and will get to shake their hands!! ^^ I felt really lucky!! I thought maybe I saw the list wrongly or there is other list besides the one I saw..keke ^^

Then finally the FM starts. First song is Because im Stupid. I really can’t explain the feeling the first time I saw them in person. My mind says “yes they are real and they are just standing in front of you!”..waaahh~~ First thing I noticed is of course saengie. He looks so thin. Both of them look very hot. After the song is the first talk session. A host came out & I was so surprised to see Grace Lee. I told myself before that it will be really great if she will be the host because no need for an interpreter but because she works in the other station so I really didn’t expect to see her. If im not mistaken, she was the host also when FTIsland came here in PH for a fanmeeting last time.

So it’s the question and answer portion. Kyu & Saengie will choose a letter from IN MANILA then a question will be asked. Really can’t remember everything from this segment because…because…idk….haha..really can’t remember. But there’s one that asked saengie to dance to Snow Prince. Of course he danced to it and kyaaa..he looks really adorable!! Then one question that I will never forget (because I was the one who submitted it to Greenlights…talk about being lucky~ haha!) The question is if they were to switch bodies for a day, what will they do? This is the exact question that I submitted to Greenlights FB:
When I submitted this question to Greenlights..i already imagine how they will answer ok this is only my imagination ok..not their real answer..

(Young Saeng’s answer)
YS: because im an only child, I don’t know how it feels to have a sister. So if I will be Kyu Jong, I would like to spend the day with my(KJ’s) sister.
KJ: so you will date my sister?
YS: I’m Kyu remember? She is my sister! (LOL!)

(Kyu Jong’s answer)
KJ: If I were to become youngsaeng hyung for a day, I will attend his baseball match. Then when we came back to ourselves, he will just find out that he doesn’t belong to the team anymore.

Haha! Crazy much? But yeah that was what I imagined. But their real answer really cracks me up. youngsaeng’s esp. So Kyu Jong’s answer is he will go to noraebang coz he knows young saeng likes and is good at singing..and then for young saeng, he said he will go to a public bath and be completely naked~ haha..he said he doesn’t have to worry because that isn’t his body!! Wahahaha..Young Saeng daebak!! ^^ I think they really didn’t expect the question because when they moved to the next question, saengie’s mind is still flying to who knows where..and he said it is because of the Grace Lee asked the audience who submitted that question..i was like..will I raise my hand?..haha..I didn’t in the end..because I was too shy..but glad to know I made them think! Bwahahaha! There are other questions that I cannot remember anymore..mianhe..(edit: ok after reading some other fan accounts..i think there's a slight mistake here..i think the question that ys didn't expect is the question after mine..the question about the possibility of falling in love with a triple s..haha..mianhe..i think im the one whose mind is flying to who knows where!! LOL!)

edit: i just found this short video clip of the interview portion..

Credit: jea1105

So after that is another performance. Kyu stayed on the stage and Nameless Memory begun playing. I was really shocked..that’s Kyu!! But its saengie’s song!! Then after the first verse or something..Saengie appeared and sang together with him. There’s even this part that they were like about to hold each others hand..really sweet.

Then comes the cooking competition. The staff brought out 2 tables. Then it was announced that they would be making Halo Halo (a popular Philippine dessert). Kyu said he already tasted one before. Grace Lee was like yes he already tasted but don’t really know how to make one. Both of them look really cute and adorable while making it. YS said that he only won once during the cooking competition of their FMs. He said he will make his as something he also can enjoy eating. Funny thing is at the start, young saeng was like putting already the ice..haha..the fans are like NO NO..he heard it and I saw that cute expression again. Both of them look totally clueless at the start but the fans are helping them so they were able to make one at the end. Kyu made 3 glasses and YS made 4. Grace Lee mentioned that the reason is the other one that YS made is for her. Fans then complained of course..then grace lee was probably thinking..”I shouldn’t have said that” haha.. Young Saeng is still absorbed in the halo halo that he’s making so grace lee said “May sariling mundo talaga si young saeng noh? “(young saeng really does seems he has his own world right?) LOL! Then they mentioned that 3 lucky fans would get to come on stage to taste the halo halo that they made. The moment they were saying the first lucky seat number, I think I was busy reading tweets. Then when I look up, all eyes are on me..they were like saying..its you..its you. I really don’t know what to do at that time. I just stand up, raise my hand..and I tell you, my mind was probably be in outer space at that time. (with leader..kidding~) I was the first one called so when I went up the stage, it was only kyu, saengie and grace lee in there..when I went up, saengie is in the process of getting another lucky number..but they were both looking at me, smiling and it seems like they are in a middle of a conversation. I feel like melting right there and then! Then they called the other two. I don’t know why but another fan came up the stage..and saengie’s reaction was priceless!! He was like..four? and they were like talking why there are four..and grace lee said..i only called 3 numbers..but the fan is there I guess cannot do anything about it anymore. Saengie was like looking at the glasses of halo halo..maybe he’s thinking..”the other one is for I won’t be able to taste one”..wahahahaha (poor saengie!) When grace lee asked for my name, I felt really shy..i have no problem looking at kyu jong..but I can’t really look straight at saengie. so when I said Hi to him..and he was looking at me, smiling..i wanted to hide somewhere and never come out again. After that grace lee asked me to greet kyu so I just bowed and smiled at him. I was really nervous~! Being with close! Even have eye to eye contact with kyu jong several times..i wanted to slap myself..i really didn’t look at saengie that much..but I was able to stare at his face one time..and its just…ahhh..can’t explain..his face really looks small..actually both of their faces are small..keke ^^ (sorry saengie I wasn’t able to make u win..haha..if grace lee just asked us to choose I will definitely choose you..but because we were asked to rate the halo halo..what am I supposed to do? It tastes the same!) gave them 10 both. But deep inside me, I also want saengie to lose..coz he looks so adorable when he’s losing..haha..when kyu jong won he gave us a high I was able to touch his hand already at that time..kyu is really can really see it by the way he looks at you. ^^

Up next is saengie’s solo stage. He sang Love Like This Eng version. I really like his outfit. There was like a polo shirt (something like that) hanging on the back of his pants..haha..he did that rain dance again which made everyone scream so loud..he even pull his shirt up..just a bit though..haha..Immediately after that is Kyu’s Never Let You Go and it is as usual his most sexy performance!

Im not going to write anything about the vids that was shown because it’s just the same as the one showed on the other FMs.

So what’s next? I guess there’s another talk session? Haha..really can’t remember coz after I went down from the not in my right mind already..i even stop tweeting updates coz I don’t know what to say. But I remember young saeng mentioned something about the response from the fans on their performances and he mentioned how much more if they perform the special stage already..

Well the special stage is the Wuss Up performance. When the song started playing, fans started to look at the back because we were like expecting that kyu will appear in there just like what he’s been doing on his wuss up performances on other FMs. But it didn’t happen. Someone just appeared from down the stage..and its not Kyu! Its saengie!! the scream is deafening at that time!! At first I feel like saengie’s having difficulty with the timing..felt like the music is too fast for him but he were able to cover that up..and the part where u need to jump..i think saengie jumps too high!! Then after the first verse or something..Kyu appeared~! Saengie disappeard while kyu is singing then went back the stage again and they sang wussup together! Really daebak!!

After that performance, both of them went backstage. Grace Lee talked to the fans and mentioned that it’s the first time Wuss Up was sang by the both of them coz usually its just Kyu Jong. Kyu Jong appeared again on stage and he and grace lee talk about the performance. He said that Young Saeng is the one who suggested that they do the song together to present a special stage for the fans. While they were talking, young saeng suddenly appeared from the side bringing in a huge birthday cake for kyu jong. Fans sang happy birthday to him in Korean..Grace Lee suggested that fans also sing the birthday song in tagalog so we did..Kyu Jong looks really touched and Young Saeng said that he’s crying already..

I can’t remember when this actually happened but there’s a segment also where they pick out two fans to come on stage and receive a gift from kyusaeng. It’s the hand cream and kyusaeng personally applied it to them. Lucky girls..the other one is just 14 years old so saengie said that he’ll treat her as his dongsaeng..hehe..

Then the vid that TSPH made for Kyu Jong & Young Stage was played. The vid turned out really good..It shows clips from their early days till even showed some clips from their fanmeetings. And the song is good too..really good. After the vid was shown kyu even asked what’s the title of the song because he really likes the lyrics and whenever he will hear that song, he will think of that particular moment..the moment with us Triple S..sweet guy. They asked the one who put the video together to come up on stage and they gave her a gift after that.

So just one last song left..u can tell that not only the fans enjoyed the fanmeeting but kyusaeng too..before the last song, kyu really feels like he doesn’t want it to end too..he’s asking if its really the last song..time really fly by so fast when you’re having personally feel that I don’t want it to end..really don’t want to see them the last song..Wings of the sing along with kyusaeng. We were given a piece of paper with the lyrics of the song so that those who really didn’t memorize it can still sing along.

So that’s it..its the end..while they were showing the ending msgs from KJ & YS, we (those who were included in the handshake session) were asked to go out already and fall in line I wasn’t really able to read the trans of their msgs..

The handshake session is really so fast..weren’t even able to talk to them..just shake their hands..its YS first then KJ..both their hands are soft and warm..Saengie just smile showing his dimples..hehe..really cute..then Kyu nod at I feel he remember me as the one who went up the stage and tasted his halo halo..haha..^^

I felt really lucky last night..first the handshake session, then my question being asked..being on stage with kyusaeng..kyaaa!! really cannot forget this day.

For those Triple S who haven’t seen them in person yet, don’t lose hope. You will have your chance too..just wait.. Before I also didn’t think that I will have this chance of meeting them..but everything just happened..and I tell u..the wait is really worth it. Its really hard not to love these boys.. =)