Saturday, November 30, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 30)

131130 - Day 30

today, YourS_许永生资讯饭团 shared some nice scans from young saeng's special album 'She' photobook. i really love these shots. the colors are also beautiful and young saeng looks awesome as usual. i haven't got my copy of this album yet though, hehe. but im really looking forward in receiving it this december. ^^


Friday, November 29, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 29)

131129 - Day 29

today, youngsaeng's official YT channel uploaded the 2nd vid from his 0513 My Story concert. i posted here the first vid they shared which was the 2013 허영생 서울 콘서트 #1 opening VCR. this time, for the 2nd vid, they shared the 2013 허영생 서울 콘서트 #2 YSTV VCR. MC Young Saeng's interview with SS501's Heo Young Saeng. haha! YS is just too cute in here. i wish b2m will release a behind the scene footage of the making of this YSTV vid coz i really think that the bts is even funnier. the vid was done perfectly that i can't help but wonder how long it took them to finish it. YS must have been asking himself "what the hell am i doing?!" the whole time. LOL!

here are just some screenshots from the vid:

also, this afternoon, more pics of YS from the training camp yesterday were shared on twitter. YS is looking damn fine as usual. even the back view is just as handsome. haha!! obsessed much? :P


Thursday, November 28, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 28)

131128 - Day 28

YS started his basic military training exactly four weeks ago. now his one month training is over. i couldn't even say that time flies. coz those 4 weeks seems like months for me. i waited for this day. the day that i would see him again. and i can't help but to smile at myself the moment i saw him. i really missed him. i felt so happy seeing how happy he is and how close he is with the others. i can really feel that he is so loved. and otter is just too adorable i badly want to pinch his cheeks!!! kk~

 (all pics credit as tagged)

after this day, i can't help but asked myself, "what now?" now that i don't have anything to look forward to. i don't even know if there will be a time when i would see him again. it's like i would start counting again and this time, it will take longer. so long that i am not sure myself if i would be able to keep it up. but i will continue to wait for him. will continue to count for 600+ days more till that day he'll come back and not leave again. 

i promise, i will be waiting.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 27)

131127 - Day 27

i read a sad news today. the release of young saeng's concert 2013 dvd has been changed from dec 18 to jan 29. T.T i was really looking forward to it. i thought that i will be able to have it this december and it'll be like an early christmas gift to myself but it turns out, i will have to wait for more days to get it. i don't know the reason why they postponed the release to a later date but i seriously hope that they will still release one.

anyway, if there's a sad news, there's also a good one. young saeng's the art of seduction mv has been nominated into two categories in the EYK Awards. though one would say that this is not really an important award but eat your kimchi is a really popular site with lots of international followers. being chosen for the awards somehow helps in getting YS more known because there are a lot of kpop fans from all over the world who follows EYK. hope YS will win something. still ok if he don't. being nominated is good enough already. ^^

here's are the categories where YS is nominated. click on it to vote ^^
Best Plot
Best Potential KMM

영생 화이팅!!!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 26)

131126 - Day 26

today, several news articles were posted on various korean news sites. though it's a little late coz b2m shared young saeng's letter more than a week ago already but still... it's always nice to hear something about him. basically, the articles are about his handwritten letter, his white skin and his unmistakable handsome baby face hehe ^^ 2 days left and he will officially finish his 4 weeks training. i am so looking forward in seeing him again.

here are just some of the pictures from the news articles. taken from here: 1 , 2 , 3


Monday, November 25, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 25)

131125 - Day 25

Y.E.S Staff mentioned on twitter today that they already sent out the goods to Y.E.S fanclub members. till now, i am still wondering what kind of "goods" are they to going to give out. i mentioned in this post that b2m posted a notice about it but as to what those good are, and if will be given to all official Y.E.S fanclub members or only to those who sent them an email is something i am still not sure of. anyway, i am so looking forward to it! no matter what it is, as long as it is about YS, i will be more than willing to accept it with a big smile on my face.

but now, i will just continue to keep on wondering what it is. ㅋㅋ

otter, what do u think it is? haha!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 24)

131124 - Day 24

today, i suddenly found myself watching vids of YS while he's playing basketball. im having so much fun watching him play that i can't seem to stop clicking all the vids of him playing. haha!! he looks so awkward but very very adorable. if i will put it into words i'll have to say... hhmm... awkwardly adorable? LOL!!

i don't know since when did he start to really get into sports but all his fans must already know that he plays not only basketball but baseball and football as well. must be because of his friends that he really got into it. i haven't seen him play basketball and baseball just as much though, unlike before. he's only been playing soccer/football this past months before he went for his military training. well he started with baseball.. then basketball... then football. i could not say that he's really good at basketball but he's having fun and he looks so so sooo cute while playing so i would really like to see him play more. adorable... otter is just too adorable.

here are just some of my favorite pics of him in his basketball jersey:

 so cute right? kk~

 i love this one.. mainly because of that smile.

and just because he's into a lot of sports, he already got confused as to what that ball is for. LOL!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 23)

131123 - Day 23

aish~ i don't know what to write. and i hate it! this day is really not good. woke up not feeling well. whole body is itching because of some allergy which till now, i don't know where i got from. also, my twitter timeline is full of unwanted tweets or those tweets i cannot even relate to. i don't know but it feels sad. i only remember following fans of SS501. but seeing how most of them tweets about other groups now is just... sad. i can't blame them though~~ because of SS501 being on hiatus, they need to somehow get into other groups coz it helps not to miss SS501 more than they should. i also thought of getting to know other groups but i still keeps on coming back to SS501. im liking BTOB though~ but no other groups can be compared to the love i have for my precious five men. i miss them. being on individual activities, i admit that i only follow young saeng. he's my ultimate bias but it doesn't mean i don't support the others. i do, just not that much as i support YS. it makes me feel guilty at times coz i asked myself if i can still be considered as a Triple S. i like when the five of them are together. and even if i don't show it that much but i do support and love Kyu, Baby, Leader and Mal with all my heart. i will wait even how long it takes to see them promote together again. i promise that i will be a 100% Triple S when that time comes.

funny, i said that i don't know what to write but i've written a lot already. haha!

during this lonely times, looking at this otter with those really cute expressions helps a lot. im not even exaggerating but this is what i always do when my feeling is down. i will just look at him and will find myself smiling already. i hope he knows how he can affect other people's lives just this much.

i miss you T.T


Friday, November 22, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 22)

131122 - Day 22

young saeng's official YT channel started uploading vids from his 0513 My Story concert. today, they uploaded the opening VCR. YS looking so handsome as usual. it was also nice to see a SS501 pic in the vid. and as i've read, the book YS is flipping that was shown around 0:50 of the vid is a project made by Triple S Europe for young saeng with photos and letters from triple s all over the world. the one who organize this project must be really happy not only knowing but seeing that YS received the book and even looking through it with that happy and very cute smile on his face. ^^

i don't know why but i can't seem to embed the vid in here. T.T


Thursday, November 21, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 21)

131121 - Day 21

young saeng's father shared this post on facebook today.

i can't help but to worry about his health. does he still have coughs? is he having a hard time? though i know that he always does his best in everything he do but doing his training in a cold weather is still making me worry. it's already been 3 weeks since he started his military training. only a week left. i hope that he was able to learn a lot and made a lot of new friends. heo young saeng fighting!!! ^^ hope i'll get to see u again after you finish your one month training. i miss you. T.T


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 20)

131120 - Day 20

today, some pics of Young Saeng's 0513 My Story concert being featured in the December issue of 'STARAZ' magazine was shared on twitter. YS looks cool and handsome as always. wish i could have a copy of it. 

credit: BestYS ()

credit: Angel ()


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 19)

131119 - Day 19

it's a very tiring day at work today. it's one of those days when i couldn't even manage to eat the whole day because of too much work to do. T.T 

anyway, last night, a new pic of YS from the training camp was shared on twitter! even if the pic is far and there were other people in it, u can still easily spot YS~! my eyes automatically zoomed in to where he is to be honest! haha! hope we'll get to see more pics of him in the future ^^

허영생 화이팅! ^^


Monday, November 18, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 18)

131118 - Day 18

today, Y.E.S staff shared two notices on young saeng official site. first is about some "goods" for official Y.E.S. i really don't know what it's all about. i didn't see any trans of the notice yet. i want to know what its about and if I, as an official Y.E.S needs to do anything. sad that i don't understand hangul at all. T.T

the 2nd notice is one which makes not all Y.E.S but Triple S as well really happy. finally! a letter from YS!!! as usual, he really is very cute and sweet at the same time. i am very proud of him and im glad that he is doing well. hope that once in a while, he'll decide to write letters for the fans. it was funny when he mentioned that the food there is delicious. even far more delicious than what he imagined. and he won't lose weight because of that! haha!! that's good otter, coz we don't want you to lose weight either. just keep that chubby cheeks of yours ok?

11/18 [trans] YoungSaeng Letter From Army
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &

Hello. This is B2M.
Heo YoungSaeng’s letter from the army has arrived.

To. Triple S and Y.E.S Fan..

Firstly.. I am healthy!!ke and.. thank you for the many internet letters sent..
I guess everyone is worried that I couldn’t read them.. Squad commander printed all the letters out to give to me, so I try to read them all whenever I can! Keke
The first thing is, flu… whenever I catch a flu, it will continue for about 3~4 weeks~ That’s why I am still…coughing… TT^TT But since I’m breathing fresh air and doing my’s no big problem!
Second thing, many are worried because I am shy with strangers.. after I’ve entered in, I’ve became close with my unit members, it was interesting and I’m enjoying the life now~ And also the dongsaengs listen to me so.. I am also thankful for that~^^
Third thing, about receiving training.. a lot of you are worried, I am able to do everything the others did~ke however, it’s just that I hate exercising! ke by the way, it’s like everyone likes resting~ but not preferring it over exercise/moving around~^^
Forth thing, food~~ke.. Like what PSY sunbaenim said in broadcasts, they’re delicious.. and it’s far more delicious.. than what I’ve imagined~!! Ke I guess I won’t lose any weight.. TT^TT
Starting from the first letter, there are letters from overseas.. (translated and original letter) Birthday congratulatory letters. 1st week enlistment (anniversary) letters.. Thanks everyone~^^
In these 21 months.. everyone please do your best at your own place! Time passes by..
When we meet again.. I hope we will meet with a confident image that we are not ashamed of!!
Do not give up on your dream, fulfill it no matter what!!^^ Hwaiting!!

Company 11, Platoon 4, Squad 3, Recruit 202
Heo Young Saeng

and here's another trans shared by a very nice Y.E.S on twitter. it is very much appreciated ^^
Young Saeng's letter from Army credit: @drunken_luv


Sunday, November 17, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 17)

131117 - Day 17

it's a weekend again. it's only been 17 days since YS started his military training but i feel like it's been months already. i really miss him. im sure that he's doing well and is already making a lot of friends. otter is well loved in any place he go. so that thought alone makes me feel somehow at ease.

today, saw this vid uploaded in youtube. i haven't seen anyone uploaded this part of the concert before so i am very glad that youngwon heo @ youtube / Y.E.S My Man shared it. if im not mistaken, this is like the intro vid during young saeng's 0513 my story concert. YS looks really handsome as usual. i am looking forward to the vids from this concert that are going to be shared by b2m. 

also, today is the 17th day of November, saw this pic shared by a Y.E.S (YSsudaru1103) on twitter. YS wearing his baseball, basketball and soccer jersey with his favorite number 17. i really wonder if there's a meaning behind that number and why he likes it so much. but as i've said before, this otter is a very private person so most likely, we won't know the meaning of it (if there's any) unless he decides to talk about it himself. :p


Saturday, November 16, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 16)

131116 - Day 16

today, something i didn't expect happened. YS played Tiny Farm! haha! the heart on his icon becomes red again~lols too bad i knew of it a little too late already. wasn't able to give love to any of his animals because there's no available anymore. some Y.E.S are too fast. kk~

simple things like this makes me happy. nowadays when there's no update about him, just feeling this tiny little presence is more than enough. im not even sure how he was able to play while still in the training camp. well he did not really play like visit friends or something but more of like visiting his farm only. he didn't even accept the love on his tiny beach and toy land. haha! but still, im happy seeing this red heart on his icon again. ^^


Friday, November 15, 2013

150730 기다릴게 (Day 15)

131115 - Day 15

today, i decided to talk about how i got to know about YS playing another online game, Tiny Farm. it's quite funny actually coz i got that info without even asking. hehe. 

one night, a Y.E.S friend send me a DM on twitter asking me to play Tiny Farm coz it seems like YS is also playing. that time, she's also not sure of it but just noticed that there are already some Y.E.S playing. i search and downloaded the game but that time, my internet connection is just really really slow it already took so many hours but the game is still not finish loading. i almost want to give up but i don't want to make the same mistake i did when i found out that YS is playing Rule The Sky. i regretted not being able to play that earlier. so because of that, i tried and tried until this new game, Tiny Farm finished downloading. i tried even though i am really not sure if YS is playing or not. haha!

i decided to also ask another Y.E.S friend if she knew of it and if she also think that the one playing is YS. and that's when i confirmed that it's really him. apparently, a post from Tiny Farm was posted on young saeng facebook (believe it or not, i only found out that he has a fb because of that! LOL!) i visited his facebook page and notice that his friend list is just mostly his dancers and friends in fc one. one more funny thing is that his account doesn't accept a friend request unless you have atleast one common friend. haha! when i visited it, i couldn't add him as a friend. but when his father added me on fb, i was able to send him a friend request but of course, he still hasn't accepted it. haha! he's friends with seojisuk, some of the dancers i know and also with his dad in fb. but some contents of his account can only be viewed by the people on his friend list. otter really is a very private person.

so back to Tiny Farm, i started playing and find the game really boring at first. it's not like RTS where u can see friends right away. in here, u need to stalk to see some familiar people u know. i got to know the other Y.E.S who are playing by always visiting young saeng's farm. i saw them whenever they give his animals some love and i noticed that most Y.E.S who are playing are same people who also plays rule the sky.

right now, im already having fun playing it but what i don't like about this game is that you can only visit 15 friends everyday. YS always visits and help almost same friends everyday which makes me a little jealous to be honest. if only i found out about him playing this game much earlier..... but it's ok though, coz he can notice all fans who give love to his animals whenever he accepts it. sad that he stopped playing since the day he entered the training camp. wish he'll come back.

this is a screenshot of that time when i gave his animals a flood of love (only those who plays know what that means. hahahaha!!) come play!! ^^