Friday, July 9, 2010

Let Me Be The One

Finally! SS501's Let Me Be The One MV is out! i waited for this for so long..i even thought that DSP will not release it anymore..but last July 7, 2010, DSP finally released the much awaited music video!

Credit: shirbogurl4

i read so many comments about this vid..some say they think this is a goodbye video of the boys because of what's happening right now..some cried..some smile..some laugh..etc.

well..what's the use of this blog if im not going to share "my own thoughts" right?..hehe..

well first of all..i already know that this video would be like a history video which will show old and new clips of SS501..because that's what DSP mentioned in their notice..i picture it as like their music video for You're My Heaven or something like i don't know why others say why the MV is like that..we cannot expect it to be like a normal MV..although i quite agree with the others when they say fans (triple s) can make a better one! LOL!

what i love about this mv is that its shows clips from the boys backstage and some bts from the love ya mv. when they're promoting love ya, i wonder how are they like backstage or off cam..are they still like before? do they still have fun together?..i don't know why i questioned that in the first place..but for me, it seems that something's changed upon seeing them on screen during the love ya promotions..that's why i really really wanted to see them at any variety show at that time..just to know if they are still the same..i don't know if they just their actions are not like before..but seeing this mv made me confirm that nothing's changed..they are still the same adorkable guys i fell in love with..

so for me, this mv is really special..made me realized all the hardships that SS501 went through and the continuous support all Triple S gave and continuously giving them (did u see the sea of green? beautiful isn't it?! ^^)

i don't think that this is a goodbye video but rather a new start..until now, triple s still don't know what will happen..but i still believe that SS501 will be united as one FOREVER.

i will just keep on believing and will support each member on their solo activities (can't wait to see Leader on his new drama - ISWAK) and will wait for the day i will get to see the five of them together again.. ^^

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Love for SS501 is UNBREAKABLE

how will I start? of this moment, I feel that im still in a rollercoaster sure each and every Triple S feel the same way too..these past few days, I prevented myself from commenting on every SS501 issues that’s been coming out..but today..i decided to write what I really feel..

I guess this all started from the Newton Fanmeeting where all SS501 members felt really emotional up to a point that they can’t even speak especially Jungmin who we know is the one who will brought up the atmosphere whenever there is dull and not so good moments within the group.

Credit: reena29shadow

here's the complete vid of the messages of SS501 to each other and to all Triple S:

Credit: kelemama501

I too became really emotional after watching the vid even the ones without English sub..i mean the contract issue is already in my and every Triple S minds at that moment. Before, I don’t have any worries coz I thought once their contracts end they will just sign a new one simple as that..but I was wrong..

When leader said that the Love Ya promotion will be shorter than Love Like This..i admit that I questioned it..why?..they just started promoting..and I’ve waited for that for a very long time..i thought Im going to see them again on shows and that they will promote longer..i have so many questions on my mind but I decided to just keep everything to myself.

After few days, that’s when I really got nervous about their contract..DSP just released a notice that the Love Ya promotions already ended and that they will release a music video for Let Me Be The One (btw, where the hell is it?!) Here is the notice from DSP:

Hello this is DSP.

SS501’s promotional activities for ‘LOVE YA’ has had ended its
run last week on the 13th June. Due to this short promotional period,
we know that fans would surely be feeling very overwhelmed with sadness.
SS501 had debuted on June 8, 2005 through KMTV’s Music Bank,
and so soon, it’s already been 5 years that’s flowed by~

SS501’s contract validation period, as all of you should know,
has had ended on June 7, 2010.

While preparing for this time’s album and carrying out activities
with every member, we had already carried out discussions with one
another. In consideration of their expiry of contract, we had decided
for their ‘Love Ya’ promotional period to last for only about 2~3 weeks.

May it be SS501 or may it be us, none of us is certain or clear
about the future moves, and because of that,
we’re not able to talk about it officially as of yet,
but once we have decided, we will let all TripleS know.

This time’s DESTINATION album’s song inclusive ‘Let me be the one’
will be made into a music video as a form of their comeback period
‘making’, and it will be ready around mid of next week where you could
view it.
For more concrete information, we will post about it again~

To the many TripleS who are feeling very upset about this short
promotional period, we hope that TripleS could feel slightly
less upset after the Let Me Be The One music video is released
as you watch and play it.

Though it’s only been 2 weeks of promotional period, but to our
TripleS who’s given them the biggest accolation — Number 1!!
Thank you for your love and concern towards this DESTINATION album.
In future too, please show your unyielding love no matter what~

Thank you.


After reading this..i said to myself..what will happen now?..but still.. I decided to stay calm..SS501 still continued with their activities even if their contract already expired and that is because of their promise to their fans..i felt so proud to be a Triple S at that time..i will lie if I say that there are no regrets because surely there is..but the understanding is much more powerful than regrets so I decided to just understand what the situation is.

Things got even more complicated…the news came out that not all members can come to the Golden Music Awards in Taiwan, Leader’s charity concert in the Philippines (which I was able to attend btw..and I even saw leader up close on the hotel he was staying at!! Woot! ^_^) and other issues which made Triple S happy, sad, afraid, disappointed, etc..

And then…just like a bomb that just exploded, news came out that leader left DSP and signed with KeyEast. The title itself scared me to death!! This is the article from Allkpop:

Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to leave DSP Entertainment

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors circulating that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong would leave his agency DSP Entertainment once his contract comes to an end.

Well, it’s been confirmed that this one is true after all.
A related source confirmed on the 28th, “Kim Hyun Joong has decided not to renew his contract with DSP Entertainment. … He will move to another agency.” It’s also been reported that Hyun Joong will enter Keyeast (키이스트), an agency known for its prominent actors including Bae Yong Joon, Park Ye Jin, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Bo Young, Lee Na Young and Hwanhee, so it’s very likely that Hyun Joong’s career will take the acting route.

Due to Kim Hyun Joong’s decision to leave DSPE, there are now questions about the rest of the members of SS501. Many wonder if this will mark the end of SS501, or whether the rest of the members will follow the routes of Shinhwa and g.o.d and complete promotional activities together with Hyun Joong under different agencies.

UPDATE: According to new reports, DSPE hasn’t decided whether SS501 will gain a new member or become a quartet, implying that, although Hyun Joong will be leaving the group, his departure won’t mark the end of SS501. As the rest of the members of SS501 are working on renewing their contracts with DSPE, fans can only hope for the best until an official statement is released.

Stay tuned to allkpop for future information regarding this matter.
Source: Newsen

I read this early in the morning..and after reading, I was like staring blankly on my computer monitor for I don’t know how long..i realized that time how important SS501 is for me..i got this big lump on my throat the whole time then I decided to read comments which I later on found out ~ hhmm, not a very good idea..Triple S is in a messy situation at that time..some panic and some wanted to assure others that nothing bad will happen..

I really don’t fact I even hate those people who just suddenly bash leader without even knowing what really happened..i mean..he signed with a different company..but never did he say that he will have a solo career and that SS501 will disband..going back to the Newton fanmeet..leader said this: “I know that all of you will be concern and worry about any false rumors or abusive comments that we might get in the future. But don’t worry and just trust us, because we are SS501”. i think he is well aware that this will happen..but why the abusive comments came from other Triple S?..saying leader can’t act..he’s not could he do this..etc etc..alright..i'am not blaming those people but i just can't understand why they call themselves Triple S when they just suddenly turned their backs on leader in one day because of this issue! i know some of those bashing came from antis too..i truly understand is because they don't have anything better to do!!..i know leader is old enough to make decisions..and im sure he went through a lot to finally be able to decide on this matter..if later on..we found out that leader indeed will not be joining SS501 anymore..i will still believe that the love for his brothers are still in there..he love all of his members so much..they treat each other as brothers..there are some things we don’t have control over..and being in an idol group is not forever..they will have to separate eventually but the bond and brotherhood will always be there..

More and more rumors came out which complicates the issue more..especially this one:

Words that Jung Min had Personally Told TWTS
2010.06.29 23:04

Credits: HK TS’ blog + (english trans) happiebb /

Mal and Baby had first signed with DSP.
It was only at the 5th anniversary
that the five learnt that DSP didn’t want to sign Kyu.
There’s no way SS501 could continue.
Hyun Joong requested that DSP sign with Kyu first before his signing the contract.
DSP refused.
Hyun Joong recommended that Kyu goes to YG.
So turned out everyone had to sign with different companies
and come next year,
the various companies to collaborate for them to release an album.
YS and Kyu are currently in Japan.
YS is negotiating the OST of some drama,
Kyu is in discussion with YG.
Mal had said this (same thing) to TS on the plane three times
that the five of them will release an album next year,
The reason why Hyun Joong signs with another company…
Coz DSP refused to sign with Kyu…
so Hyun Joong’s helping Kyu to sign with YG,
and Hyun Joong wanted DSP to sign with Kyu by threatening to sign with another agency.

Mal and Baby had initially thought everyone would be renewing their contracts,
so they had gone on ahead and signed first.
Mal further said…. they would be separated for this year…
but next year, they will continue to work together through different companies
YS also said something like that….
that the five of them will continue on like this year after year…
the interpretation is that they would be working together again next year.
Coz so long as they’re missing just one member, that signifies the splitting up of SS501…

So Hyun Joong surfaced first to face everything.

Honestly, when I first read it..i was like...what the?!! Is DSP that damn to not let kyu jong signed with them?..what are they planning to do with the other four? They can’t possibly continue with SS501 with just the four of them!..and I can’t believe Mal will say this kind of delicate information publicly..especially to a fan..i admit I kind of panic after reading..but still, I keep all my thoughts to myself..

another news came out..and this time its about Jungmin..apparently, he signed a contract under Sony Music Taiwan..

[03/07] SS501 Park JungMin signs with Taiwan Sony Music, for his Chinese
Credits to Newsen +

SS501 Park JungMin is said to have signed up with Taiwan Sony Music.

An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.”

It seems that currently Park JungMin is looking at activities in the Chinese entertainment market with the move to sign with Taiwan Sony Music. With news that Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong will be doing their solo activities, there are great interests as to the future plans for the rest of the members Heo YongSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJoon.

Meanwhile, on SBS Music High radio show, Kim HyungJoon who is the DJ on the show said, “In the future, I will continue DJ-ing”.

i told myself..ok so maybe jungmin will focus on solo activities too..but i know that they will come back together as five soon..maybe next year? will the sub-group just release their 2nd album?..or maybe they will also focus on solo activities..those are the questions in my mind after this news came out..and then..just after few minutes since it came out..i found out Mal left a msg on DSP website..

[메시지] 정민 : 정민입니다..^^ @ 2010-07-03, 1:51:49 PM


Hello, Jungmin here..^^ @ 2010-07-03, 1:51:49 PM

Annyeonghaseyo? SS501's JungMin here.
Though I have been sending my greetings here often like this, I often wrote it then erased, wrote it then erased...
But in the end I've decided to do away with that thought!!
In this current situation like now, what if my entry causes a huge impact on my members..
I'd thought so like this, but no matter what, if I am to write something at least, it'd be good,
and so I am writing this piece today.

First of all!!
SS501's album promotions this time round has had finally come to a close after Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards.
There were really many people who came to give support.
From Taiwan too, from HongKong too, even from Japan too~, and also from China~~ Our TripleS!!
If the five of us could do a stage together, it would have been really wonderful.. Thought of it like this.
Thank you for having gone down to give support and help~!
(I want to say thank you first.)

Let me begin to start talking with the conclusion,
about the contract issue of us SS501 members,
though of course, there are huge agency companies domestic and foreign waving their hands to us and that's a fact,
but they've all been dismissed.

Also, right at this moment, up until now, I'm not signed on to any agency companies and not leaving for any places,
although there are many invitations coming from everywhere, I've not had replied to them as of now.
After discussing with our members then I'll give a reply... That will be the circumstance where I'll only give replies.

If I were to sign on to any contract, I will let all of you know officially.
(Before I make any contract signings, all our administration will be done under DSP..!)

Eum...Before this time's promo activities ended, there were many meetings held together,
with each of our members, with bosses (inclusive boss' wife) with managers, many discussions held together.
Though the 5 of us are supposed to discuss more amongst ourselves..!
We did so to the appropriate extend.
The future moves problems have of course doubtlessly became an issue on each of our side,
but for the sake of SS501's future persisting activities and albums, concerts to be done with the name of SS501...
I'm referring to our future activities.
Because to have to be singers who must have events is a no-thankyou..!!

Though I still have much more to write...I'll just write this much first.

Actually I was having some late nap, but then I woke up taken aback...TT TT
I was afraid that members would get shocked too, so I gave them calls, but they didn't pick up~~!
Despite so, we'll still be carrying out meetings nonetheless~ Will see you then~~ though so,
Because there have been many upsetting news..At this kind of time..I'm filled with an apologetic heart very much..TT TT

Ah! Also in future too, I'll still continue to come to our homepage,
you'll see me right here^^
Will continue to leave entries often..!!


정민입니다..^^ @ 2010-07-03, 1:51:49 PM

안녕하세요? SS501 정민입니다.
자주 인사드리려고 했는데, 글을 쓰다 지우다 쓰다 지우다...
결국 오늘 까지 와버렸네요!!
지금 상황에 괜히 나의 글이 멤버들에게 해가 되면 어쩌나..하고 있었는데,
아무래도 이야기를 하는게 좋을 것 같아서 오늘은 글을 씁니다.

SS501의 이번 앨범 활동은 대만의 금곡상 이후로 마무리되었습니다.
정말 많은 분들이 와주셨어요.
대만에서도, 홍콩에서도, 일본에서도~,또 중국에서도~~우리 트리플에스!!
다섯명이 무대했으면 정말 좋았을텐데..라고 생각했습니다.
와주시고 응원해주셔서 감사했어요~!
(먼저, 감사하다는 말 하고 싶었어요.)

결론부터 말씀드리자면,
SS501로서 멤버 전원의 계약은

지금의 회사는 물론, 국내외의 대형기회사에서 제안이 있었던 것은 사실이지만,
모두 불발되었습니다.

그리고 저는 아직까지 아무 곳과 계약을 맺지 않고 있는 상태이며,
여러 곳에서 제안이있었지만 아직 대답하지 않았습니다.
멤버들과 상의후 대답하겠다...라고 까지 대답해 놓은 상태입니다.

계약을 맺는다면 여러분들께 정식으로 알려드리겠습니다.
(계약을 맺기전까지는 DSP에서 모든 관리를 해주고 있습니다..!)

음...이번 활동을 마무리하기전 회의들도 있었고,
각 멤버별, 사모님과의 면담 역시 있었습니다.
5명이 좀 더 많은 이야기를 나누어야겠지만..!
충분히 가능하며 해야하게하는 것.
거취문제는 물론 이제는 개인적인 문제임이 되어버린 것이 틀림없지만,
그에 앞서 SS501의 지속적인 활동을 위해서 SS501로서의 앨범과 콘서트등...의

활동에 대한 이야기.
이벤트성 가수는 노땡큐니까..!!

더 쓸 글들이 많지만...일단 접어두겠습니다.

실은 늦잠자다가 깜짝놀라 깬거라...ㅠㅠ
멤버들 놀랬을까 전화해봤더니 전화가 안되네요~~!
안그래도 계속 회의하자~~만나자~~이랬는데,
슬픈소식들도있고해서..가뜩이나 이럴 때에..미안한 마음 가득입니다..ㅠㅠ

아! 그리고 앞으로도 홈페이지는 계속 열려있는다고 하니,
여기서 계속 볼 수 있을꺼예요^^
글 자주 올리고 하겠습니다..!!



aigoo!! what is happening? really is getting out of hand! i feel so proud of jungmin to make an effort to clear things up to not further worry all Triple S..this is the time that all my worries were least i know that they all consult each other and that they really want to continue being together despite being in different companies..SS501 indeed is Five Forever As One (i never doubt that fact in the first place!)

ok so today, i read an article that says DSP confirmed that from the four members who doesn't sign any contracts yet, one of them will not sign a contract with them..i will not worry about that thing for now..i'll stop here..i didn't even realize that this post is so long already!

for now, i will continue waiting for an official announcement as to what will happen..i will forever believe in SS501!! i'll end this post with a very nice fanvid from kate(phtriples)..this vid made me really emotional..listen to what the song says..because its true..our love for the five of them and SS501's love for each other and to all Triple S is UNBREAKABLE. "When all this is over..our love still remains.."

Credit: phtriples