Friday, April 30, 2010

SS501 Comeback Concept Photos - 501day pics!!

Comeback concept photos of SS501 were released in the DSP website 12:00 midnight on 501day!!

Here it is!!

kyaaa!! these pictures just made me more excited for their even if the album is delayed..they still released something special on 501day..for me..that's already enough.. ^_^

Happy 501day to SS501 and to all Triple S!!
SS501 and Triple S Together Forever!! ^_^

Thursday, April 29, 2010

SS501 Heo Young Saeng @ Japan KNTV “Will is Snow on Christmas?” Event

Yesterday, April 29,2010 Young Saeng was in Japan to promote the drama “Will it snow for Christmas?” He sang one of its OST entitled I Love You, I'm Sorry..a very nice song with a beautiful melody. Young saeng's voice is so sweet and soothing. :)

Here are videos from the said event.

Credit: HSSCANDAL+WWloveHJL2@YT+hjcoco@YT
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I am Sorry, I love you

First time look into the sky

Don’t give up

This is actually the first time young saeng had a solo event in Japan. We can see in the first vid that he really looks so nervous..but he’s very happy with the response he’s getting from the fans..On his second and third song..i noticed that he’s somehow at ease’s rare to see young saeng having so much interaction with fans..he’s asking them to wave..talking and smiling to them..etc. way to go saengi!! Here are some pictures from the event taken from Visit the site for more pictures from the event.

even the side profile is just too cute.. ^_^

saengi’s famous dimpled smile!! *faints

love this..he looks like a kid..

ys: look..this will go far!!..

failed! LOL!!

ys: ooppss!! mianhe.. (wahahahaha..young saeng-ah, you are just too adorable!)

Found this interview clip also:

There is no English subs..but I read from somewhere that ys talked about the new album..he said that the album will be delayed and that because they know that 501day is special that is why they will release the jacket photos on that day..nothing is confirmed though..let’s just wait.. tomorrow is 501day already!! ^_^

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Young Saeng's new image for the new album?

I'm late in posting this..hehe..well anyway, these photos circulated the Internet last April 19 (my birthday! hehe) with the title: “Young Saeng New Album Image?” I saw this news first on Liezle's blog. It was said that these pictures originally came from – a HyunSaeng Korean fansite..i wonder how did they get these pictures..its like a backstage photos or photos while ys is having a break. Hehe..

well, its still a question mark if these pictures are indeed taken from their photo shoot for the new album that they will release on the 501day! But who cares?..hehe..seeing young saeng’s new photo is enough for me..actually, it was an awesome birthday gift!! keke. I stared at the second picture for minutes but somehow I can’t see the badboy image..hehe..just a bit of a naughty image..his hair reminds me of episode 9 of Jungmin’s “What Women Want” show where young saeng took pictures of the products from royal avenue..he really looks like a professional photographer there!! Hehe..

Here’s a short clip: Young Saeng as a photographer in Jungmin’s online shopping mall

Credit: SaengFam

Counting down to 501day!! One more week..Truly hope the best for SS501 and Triple S!! Hwaiting!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Young Saeng-ah you’re THE ONE

Haha..anyone missing young saeng?..i posted here the video compilation of his signature moves for U R Man..I found another compilation of his signature moves!!..and this time its for their song “THE ONE”

When young saeng wants to be Hot & Sexy..he can do so..and then let all Triple S drools coz of his overflowing charisma..and then when he wants to be cute..he can also do it..and make triple s realize how adorkable he thing he can’t do though…every time he acts like a bad boy..he just looks cuter!! and it totally ruined the bad boy image that he’s trying to portray ..LMAO!!

Ok so here it is:

Credit: sssaengheeq

Although they didn’t perform “The One” that much compared to U R Man..this one minute and eight seconds vid already proved how adorkable young saeng is..hehe.. ^_^

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SS501 5-year Flashback - Live Mix - NG Cut

Just want to share this amazing video compilation of some of the NG cuts of SS501 during live performances..thanks to TivonaHu for doing this. This is a really great just proves that whatever it is that these guys do, it will just make u love them even more…I will list down the mistakes I noticed in this video..but watch the video first.

Credit: TivonaHu

Did u spot all the mistakes?’s what I noticed:

0.18 jungmin dropping his mic, picked it up and made it appear as part of the dance..(lol jungmin-ah..u think we didn’t notice it?..hehe..)

0.29 kyu jong’s voice cracked during a live performance of “everything”..(don’t worry kyu, triple s doesn’t mind it at all!!)

0.38 hyungjun doesn't know what he’s going to do with his hands..(i can tell that he’s really nervous so that little action seems so awkward!..^_^)

0:44 leader’s voice cracked..not that much noticeable though compared to kyu..but his nervous expression gave it away…(leader, everyone makes that kind of don’t worry about it!!)

0.52 it’s jungmin’s turn..his voice also cracked..its almost as same as kyu jong..but he just pretended nothing happened! (3 thumbs up Mal!!)

1.00 kyu collided with one of the dancers..hehe..this one made me laugh.. (hehe..kyu! watch ur step..^_^)

1.08 jungmin forgot the dance step for ASCFY..(haha..his expression here is just priceless!! can’t stop laughing just by looking at his face!)

1.15 young saeng got scared because of the fireworks
1:17 leader forgot the dance step
1:22 laughing at himself…(or maybe he’s laughing at leader too!! Hyunsaeng!! LOL)

1:29 now im not sure at this one…is it on young saeng?..because his voice is I think it has something to with kyu..he shouted..hAahh!..his voice is so can be heard even without a mic.

1:36 baby turned to face the front stage..but realized he wasn’t supposed to..(only jungmin and leader are supposed to face front)..hehe..he turned around again realizing his mistake..and I know (even I can’t see his face) that saengi is smiling again..(saengi: aigoo our maknae!! Hehe)

1:49 leader messed up the L.O.V.E hand sign!! Aigoo leader!! (haha..look closely at leader’s hand..this one cracked me up!!)

1:57’s clever way of fixing his is so smart..he was able to make it appear as part of the choreography..(I will never notice this if not for this vid..hehe..)

2:01 oppss not a mistake! LMAO!! I just love saengi’s look at that part! *faints LOL

2:06 jungmin’s blank expression when he forgot the steps!! Another priceless expression of our dear Mal!! (his facial expression is stuck in my head! LOL!)..wait why is saengi smiling?..did baby forgot the steps too?..he always smile at his or other member's mistake..cute saengi!!

2:18 LOL! fail!!..mistake in choreography, blocking, etc.LOL! (laughing so hard at baby and saengi on the left side..what are u two doing?..)

2:26 leader’s voice cracked (its ok leader!!..*pats his back*..hehe)

2:32 baby got confused with the dance step
2:36 baby dropped something
2:37 he picked up what he dropped..(aigoo..using the choreo to save whatever it is that he that a watch?..)

2:45 wireless mic really looks weird..the mic hanging like that?

2:54 another wireless mic malfunction..(you can see saengi is really worried for baby..i can imagine him thinking..”oh our poor maknae..don’t worry ur still doing great!!”)

3:07 now this is my favorite of all!! Young Saeng daydreaming that’s why he missed his cue! (LOL, youngsaeng-ah, what are u thinking?..are u inlove or something?..or maybe u miss leader..and ur mind is in outer space at that time..i bet ur talking to each other using ur minds! LMAO!! Mianhe..i just love hyunsaeng that much!!)

3:19 now this is funny..poor young saeng!!..bumps..ooppss..bumps again!! I bet youngsaeng felt dizzy after that..even the dancer finds it funny and can’t help but smile!!

3:29 young saeng dropped something (is that a watch?..a gold one?..waahh!!)

3:38 using the choreography again to save young saeng’s watch!! How sweet..(I saw the whole performance..after that..where they were facing the back..u can see ys looking at baby as if saying, ys:u got it? baby: yeah.. ys:good! That’s really expensive!! Hehe..LMAO!!

3:43 young saeng’s voice cracked..not that much noticeable though..but u can see that he made a mistake coz of that smile!! cute! I hope he makes a lot of mistakes in the future so that he will always smile like that! (haha..crazy much?)

3:57 now just as I thought that its all over…jung min’s action cracked me up once again!!haha..adorkable!

Waahh..that’s a lot..hehe..but there’s still some which are not included in this, who do u think made the most number of mistakes?..hehe..i noticed that they made the most number of mistakes on ASCFY..maybe because of changes in choreography and such..but they are always cute even with that simple mistakes..

Don’t u just miss them more?!! Can’t wait for the 501day!! less than a month! Yay!!