Friday, February 28, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 120)

140228 - Day 120

was browsing my timeline on FB and found this cute pic of YS. then suddenly i remember that vid of him singing You Are My Heaven looking exactly like this.

after like 30mins of searching in YT, i finally found it! haha!

he looks so so sooo cute in here that i can watch it over and over again and i probably won't ever get tired of it. he looks so happy that i can't help but to ask myself, is he inlove or something? LOL!! i really miss seeing him having a long hair like this. but him having a short hair is cute as well so its ok ^^

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 118)

140226 - Day 118

the official blog that's been updating us with pics of YS from his activity in the police dept hasn't posted some pics from yesterday's event. so i will just share here a collage of screenshots from youngsaeng's performance of Because I'm Stupid from YSsudaru1103 @ twitter. i wonder when will he perform again. i want to see new perfs of him everyday!! haha!! i don't care if he perform Because I'm Stupid all the time. it's ok. i just want to see him. miss you, otter :(

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 117)

140225 - Day 117

today, another Because Im Stupid performance by YS was shared online. he really likes singing this song. i love this song too but i wish he'll sing other songs in the future also. this perf is so funny because of those boys who shouts youngsaeng's name. haha!! idk if they are his friends or just really fanboys doing their "fanchant" LOL!! i really love how confident YS is now being on stage always facing different faces almost everyday. im really proud of him ^^

Monday, February 24, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 116)

140224 - Day 116

today is the birthday of youngsaeng's favorite dongsaeng! and who could that be? of course, its our forever center Kim Kyu Jong!! and because its his special day, this post is dedicated to him. kyujongie is my 2nd favorite SS501 member. i think all Triple S will agree that there isn't anything to not love about this guy. he's sweet, kind, down to earth, simple... etc. a perfect boy next door. i really have a soft spot when it comes to kyu. i was sad because he doesn't have a twitter account anymore so he couldn't read all birthday greetings from Triple S around the world. but im sure he knows how much he is loved already. in just a few months, he will finally finish his military duties. i hope B2M already have a lot of plans for him. will support him 501%!!

again, Happy Happy Birthday, my dear Kyu! love ya~ always and forever ^^

Sunday, February 23, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 115)

140223 - Day 115

i shared this pic on twitter few days ago. i just find it really funny to see that even guys can't resist youngsaeng's cuteness. haha! can see them pinch, poke and even tickle his cheeks. really can't blame them. no one can resist the gravitational pull of those fat and adorable cheeks! LOL!! nowadays, his cheeks are not that fat anymore :( i miss it.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 114)

140222 - Day 114

sharing here more pics of YS from yesterday's presentation of the seoul police about cyber bullying. i still can't get enough of his cuteness. i watch the vid again and i can't help but laugh especially during that part where he enters the stage while dancing. i was like, what the hell are you doing?! haha!! he really looks like a student in here and being a bully suits him well. i want to see him as the one being bullied next time. LOL!!! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 113)

140221 - Day 113

a very adorable vid and pics of YS has been shared today. vid is a presentation they did about cyber bullying. YS did great. now i can say that he can really be a bad boy when he wants to. haha! but still so adorable. lols. i can't help but laugh all throughout the vid. thanks to keshagrace501 for sharing these awesome screenshots. i wasn't able to do one because i can't watch the vid on my phone :( bad boy YS, Jjang! haha! ^^

Thursday, February 20, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 112)

140220 - Day 112

this is one adorable pic of YS and a member of 4men (sorry i forgot the name. hehe) actually, this is just a screencap from a fancam during FC ONE's first match in Osaka. i just find it too adorable that even a guy just can't help but to pinch youngsaeng's cheeks. i bet everyone around him also thinks he's so cute and he's probably already used to having his cheeks pinched by them. haha!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 111)

140219 - Day 111

today was not a really good day for me. been busy with work and everything was really stressful that i just want to lay down in bed the moment i got home. during times like this, i always tell myself that i need something to make me smile. and as always, YS comes to mind. looking at him always put a smile on my face. hehe now im feeling a lot better. these pics right here are my favorites. his eye smile is really so cute and adorable. i really really miss him~~

150730 기다릴게 (Day 110)

140218 - Day 110

sharing here this pic of YS and Steven Lee which the latter shared on his Instagram account few days ago. though the pic is blurred and can't even see their faces, we can still say that the guy with steven lee is YS without a doubt. haha! this was during the time YS and Kyu visited their steven hyung in LA. YS even made and uploaded a video containing pictures from that trip on his personal YT channel months ago and it sure does look like they really had a lot fun.

well here's the video that YS made. ^^

Monday, February 17, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 109)

140217 - Day 109

new pic of YS was shared today. actually, this is not new coz it was shared in this blog few days ago. im pretty sure i saw this post already while i was stalking for YS update but didn't see this particular pic. when i visited the blog again, i realized that it was actually hidden and u need to click a certain link for the pictures to show up. haha!!! now i know what to do when i encounter something like this again. LOL!! :p

YS look so handsome in here but... why so serious? hehe

Sunday, February 16, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 108)

140216 - Day 108

today, when i was listening to Everything You, i suddenly found myself imagining YS singing it while playing the guitar. i really want to see him play it even just once. but till now, all we got is just pictures of him holding it. im not even sure if he knows how to play it. haha! well... there's always leader there to help him. and maybe baby too. i hope that when he finished his military duties and come back with an album and a concert, we'll get to see him play the guitar for the first time. it would really be great. ^^

Saturday, February 15, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 107)

140215 - Day 107

i was late in sharing this. i just remembered about this because of this news article that was shared yesterday. these pics were taken last Jan 27 when the Seoul Metropolitan Police public relations office which YS belongs to visited  Angels Haven, a place that takes care of orphans and children with disabilities. this was when YS sings Because Im Stupid. ^^

Friday, February 14, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 106)

140214 - Day 106

Happy Valentine's Day!!! for someone who doesn't have a valentine like me, (coz he's in the army now~ LOL!) this day is just like any other day. nothing special. haha! but i didn't forget to greet this special someone though. and i even send him a chocolate as a gift. i hope that he'll be able to see this. ㅋㅋ i wonder what he's doing now. hhmm~~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 105)

140213 - Day 105

today, a very lucky fan saw YS, took a picture with him and even got his autograph! really really lucky! i wish im in korea so that i can stalk him and see him whenever i want to. but sadly, i'm not. that picture of him signing an autograph is so near that i really envy the person who is taking it. i miss him. sooo much. :(

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 104)

140212 - Day 104

today is a very special day. exactly a year ago, i received this very pretty gift from YS in an online game called Rule The Sky. now this baby dragon of mine turns a year old, 생일 축하해~! ㅋㅋㅋ

i can't help but miss those days when YS is still active in playing RTS. i miss the sleepless nights. those times when i always find myself waking up in the middle of the night just to check if he's playing. the times when my phone is always out of battery because of playing and stalking his flotia all the time just to request a favor or care for his crops. i also miss the excitement of competing with other Y.E.S in requesting favor and care. haha!! it was so fun. but i cannot expect him to continue playing of course. now that he has some obligations he needs to fulfill. i just miss playing with him. that's all. T.T

youngsaeng-ah, when u finish your military duties, come back and play some online games again ok? im looking forward to a new game you will introduce to us again. right now, im still addicted to Tiny Farm, and its all your fault! haha!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 103)

140211 - Day 103

sharing today some cute screencaps from youngsaeng's japan concert dvd. the moment i got my copy, i watched it right away. and i can't stop myself from watching it over and over again. i guess i really miss him a lot lately. in terms of the songs and the performances, i like the one he did in his Overjoyed concert better. maybe because it's the first time he did those songs and some of the perfs he did in this concert is just the same as the one in Overjoyed (ex. SS501 Medley, All My Love, etc.) but of course this concert has some new stuff as well like the very cute perf of I Know All, too bad the camera didn't capture his cute pout up close! haha! and also that cute dance part in Rainy Heart. he also sang his new song, Always You and I and i feel like crying during that part coz he sang it so well. what i also like in this concert is how he interacts with the fans. he's so cute! it's so funny how he calls them obachan. (w/c means middle aged woman/aunt as far as i know) bad otter!! and there's this one part where he asked the fans what they're saying and it sounded like "Aeiii (A)" and he responded with "B?" LOL!!! silly otter!! he's just too funny~~ and i love that about him. im missing him a lot now. i hope there's something new that'll come out in the days to come or else, i'll go crazy!! 

otter, where are u? kk~

 yeah yeah~ u do look cute youngsaengie~

 asking a fan for her age and his reaction after. LOL!


 sshh-ing the fans. hahaha


his cute facial expressions are priceless