Sunday, November 30, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 395)

141130 - Day 395

loads of pics and vids of YS were shared last night till today. and when i say loads, i mean really really loads of pics and vids i feel like im drowning already will all the updates. hahahahaha!! who would have thought that we'll see this much update on YS while he's doing his military service? to think that we were all sad when he enlisted. hehehe. well.. because there are just too many updates so i decided not to share all at one post. for today, will share the pics and vids by Blossom Jun. she's the one who first shared fancams of YS so im really thankful ^^ still got loads of YS pics and vids to share on the days to come. really happy so many fans went to support him. he must be very happy as well. ^^

Snow Prince (Encore)

Find (rock version)

Let It Go

Out The Club

U R Man

Special Talent (김경호 voice imitation)


Love Ya

Saturday, November 29, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 394)

141129 - Day 394

sharing today pics from the 1st Police Hongbodan Musical and Talk Concert. this is taken yesterday, Nov 28. there was actually one event already last Nov 27 but im really not sure what is that. haha! anyway, thanks to carpediem501 for sharing these lovely pics. can't wait for the fancams. ^^

Friday, November 28, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 393)

141128 - Day 393

loads of new pics of YS from the Seoul Police Hongbodan Musical and Talk Concert yesterday were shared online this morning. i really love his look here~~!! the Idol YS is indeed back! based on the pics, i think he sang Let It Go, Out The Club and a ballad song which i think is Because I'm Stupid(not sure). hoping to see some vids from that event. Also, today, another Talk Concert was held. YS is having concerts everyday. haha! there's one again tomorrow! really loving all these updates. YS seems more busy compared to the times he's not doing his miltary service. he really made a right decision to join the police dept's promotions unit. he gets to do what he loves and us fans get to see him often. im really happy~~^^

Thursday, November 27, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 392)

141127 - Day 392

saw this pic on instagram a while ago and was so shocked coz i thought the Talk Concert will only start this Saturday not today. and what even got me more shocked is the fact that he's not wearing his police uniform!!! i really thought that he will keep on wearing it even duing the concert. really not complaining though~ haha! and it looks like his hair grew quite a bit. lols. is it because of the style? kkk~~ now he looks like the Idol YS again. very very cute! ^^ 

150730 기다릴게 (Day 391)

141126 - Day 391

finally, the official poster for the police hongbodan concert is out!!!! so the event is called, Seoul Police Hongbodan Musical and Talk Concert. and YS got a part of his own, the 허영생 SHOW!! hehehe really looking forward to it. looks like it has a total of 13 shows and will start this 29th of November till January of next year. i wonder what songs he will sing. really really so excited for it!!!!! he looks so handsome in this poster~ kyaaa~~

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 390)

141125 - Day 390

saw that pic of Jjunnie a while ago and it instantly reminded me of Kaki. hahaha! they look so similar. both looking very handsome as usual. baby is making fans very happy with all his instagram updates. i hope that when YS finishes his military service, he'll make an account too. Kyujong has one already~~^^

Monday, November 24, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 389)

141124 - Day 389

finally!! he appeared again!! i thought im going crazy already! haha! so my guess is right. they always have an event every friday. but im still wondering why they haven't release news about the concert yet. it's the last week of november already. aren't the fans who want to watch need to know the details so they can purchase some tickets? well anyway, really looking forward to it. ^^

Saturday, November 22, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 387)

141122 - Day 387

i was hoping to see a vid of this part when i saw the media pic of YS with that cute smile during this U-clean concert (not sure if i get the name of the concert right kk~) glad someone uploaded it today. it was nice that there are YS fans in there because if im not mistaken, the apperance of the police hongbodan in here was not announced so it's quite a surprise for all YS fans to see him in there. i was surprised too that day when suddenly, all those media pics of him appeared. in this vid, i can't help but laugh when one fan suddenly shouted, "sudal!" lols also, YS speaking voice is always so cute! youngsaeng-ah, let me pinch you~ kkk

Thursday, November 20, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 385)

 141120 - Day 385

i really love his facial expression here. haha! such a cutie~~ i wonder how he's doing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 384)

 141119 - Day 384

been watching Kyu's new drama and i found his acting really great. well.. kyujong has always been known as an awesome actor and he proved so once again in his new drama. his acting as a bully seems effortless though we know that his personality is the exact opposite. it's nice coz YS and sungje is now doing military service together while kyujong is with kyungsoo (another member of supernova same with sungje) in this new drama. hehe so random, i know lols :p

150730 기다릴게 (Day 383)

141118 - Day 383

cutie~~ pls let me hear u sing again. been MIA for days already T.T

Monday, November 17, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 382)

141117 - Day 382

im starting to miss this guy again. i realized one thing last night, that no matter what bad things i heard about him, the love i have for him will never change. baby boy otter~~ kk~~

Sunday, November 16, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 381)

141116 - Day 381

found myself browsing through these pics again. this otter really got loads of priceless facial expressions.

just look at him~~ aiyoo~~ such a cutie~^^

Saturday, November 15, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 380)

141115 - Day 380

i forgot who shared this pic (sorry about that) but i think i haven't share it here so im posting it now. very nice and clear pic of YS. kk~ btw, i wonder when will they release info about the upcoming concerts this end of Nov. im really looking forward to it,

Friday, November 14, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 379)

141114 - Day 379

sharing today another set of YS photos from today's police hongbodan event. i wonder what makes him look like that in the second pic. kk~ such a cutie~^^

Thursday, November 13, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 378)

141113 - Day 378

this otter is starting to make us miss him so much again. been MIA for days already. i wonder what he's doing. he must be busy preparing for their concerts. *sigh*

i planned to say all these terrible things to you, but in the end, i just want to tell you i miss you~~ *emo mode*

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 377)

141112 - Day 377

sharing today another fan taken vid of YS singing Because I'm Stupid at a police hongbodan event last November 7. i think this is the last show they will have at the police museum. they are probably getting ready for the concert that will start this end of november till january of next year. i really wonder what songs YS will perform. he said he'll perform seven songs for about 30mins so im really looking forward to it. ^^

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 376)

141111 - Day 376

it's that time of the year again when koreans celebrate what they call "Pepero Day" wherein they share pepero sticks to friends and loved-ones. well to explain it more clearly,

Pepero Day is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day, but held on November 11. The original purpose of the Pepero Day was to exchange peperos with each other in hopes of becoming taller and thinner. The current purpose is to exchange peperos to show affection for friends and loved-ones.

now here's a cartoon YS (still wearing his police uniform of course haha!) giving everyone a Pepero stick. kk~~ cutie~~^^

Happy Pepero Day!!! ^^

Monday, November 10, 2014

150730 기다릴게 (Day 375)

141110 - Day 375

photos of YS from the police hongbodan event last friday, Nov.7 were shared today. as usual, YS is looking so handsome and cute. hehehehe. and it's nice to finally see him and sungje in one pic together. i just didn't expect that they will look so awkward together. hahahahaha!! hoping for more pics of the two of them to come. ^^